How do we calculate the value of your vehicle?

To calculate the value of your vehicle, our vehicle valuation tool at Swansway will evaluate your CUPRA based on the current market value.

In just a few seconds, you'll receive an estimate for your car. Our car value checker, powered by CAP HPI, has an extensive database of real-time car values from across the UK. Rest assured that the valuation you receive is a reliable reflection of your CUPRA's worth.

Things that can impact the worth of your CUPRA vehicle:

  • How old the vehicle is
  • The trim level or specification
  • The number of miles it has covered
  • The overall condition of the vehicle
  • Any modifications that have been made, if there are any
Grey CUPRA Ateca side view with person in yellow coat stood in front of it

​Why should you value your CUPRA?

Whether you’re looking to part-exchange your current vehicle or you’re just feeling a bit curious as to what your current vehicle could be worth.

Our vehicle value checker will give you a brilliant idea of what you could get for your CUPRA, helping you budget for your next one or even just giving you a bit of extra cash if you don’t need it anymore.

CUPRA Part Exchange FAQ