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About AutoTrader

Starting out as a weekly local magazine, in 1975, AutoTrader have come a long way since they began. Quickly rising to become the number one publication, both for customers looking to buy vehicles, but for the retailers looking to sell them.

In 1996 AutoTrader UK made it's way online, and ran alongside the physical magazine until 2013, when they discontinued the magazine and became solely digital. Following in the magazines footsteps, the AutoTrader UK website is now the largest digital automotive site for buying and selling cars and vans in the UK and Ireland.

Currently attracting over 55 million users across their platform every month, whilst also displaying the largest selection of used vehicles for sale, AutoTrader are leading the way to improving how we buy and sell vehicles in the UK. Continuously improving the experience of their website to provide a better experience for consumers, retailers and manufacturers and effectively making life easier for everyone in the van market.

AutoTrader and Swansway

If you're looking for your next van the AutoTrader UK website is a great place to start, which is why we advertise so much of our van stock with them, and have been since the very beginning.

AutoTrader today are notorious for providing a great resource for anyone in the van buying market, and, being as popular as they are is a great resource for us. Showing our stock on the AutoTrader UK website helps us reach people when they're ready to buy, as well as giving us an insight into what our buyers want from an auto trader, so we can make buying a van easier.

Wherever you are in your van buying journey, we hope to be able to help you find the best choice for you. We list all of our used van brands on AutoTrader including; Citroën, Fiat, Peugeot and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Need some help deciding what might be right for you? Check out our blog where we have the latest news, reviews and advice to help you narrow down your search.