Used SEAT Toledo

A compact family car that combines the sleek profile of a saloon with the practicality of a hatchback.

SEAT is a Spanish car manufacturer that has a lot of amazing cars in its arsenal. From the favourite models such as the SEAT Ibiza to the newer additions like the Arona SUV: SEAT has brought us many reliable cars over the years and is set to continue this trend.

The latest model to be brought into the SEAT family is the Toledo and it is a car that has a lot of potential in terms of popularity. The Toledo is built as a medium sized vehicle with five doors that is ideal for any family.

The SEAT Toledo is set to become a huge player in the market and looks to be keen player in the new and used car field. The main benefit of a used SEAT Toledo over the other similar style cars on the market is the elegance it offers as well as its versatility. Not only will you be able to enjoy a beautiful, sleek exterior and interior, but the drive is like butter on the road and it can be driven on and off road. The wide ironing hatch is ideal for people who have children or pets and this could be the ideal family car to buy this year.


SEAT is great in terms of options with all of its cars, and the used SEAT Toledo has many different engine options to choose from depending on your specific needs as a driver. Due to them being part of the Volkswagen group, the SEAT Toledo benefits from that bit of German engineering that can make all the difference to reliability. The SEAT Toledo is available in many different forms from 1.2 to 1.6 litres. The 1.4 litre petrol includes a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox for those of you who don’t want to drive a manual and the 1.6 litre engine has an output of 104bhp.

In terms of economy, the SEAT Toledo follows the rest of the models in the SEAT family and is conscious of emission laws. The Ecomotive diesel model has CO2 emissions of only 104g/km.


SEAT as a brand is known for the care its takes with the safety of its cars and the SEAT Toledo is no different from the rest. This vehicle comes with a whole host of important safety features and it is incredibly competitive compared to other similar models. The Toledo has a five star Euro NCAP rating and it has as standard features such as ABS, ESP, driver and front passenger airbags, head airbags, seat belt reminders for passengers, child seat mounts, daytime running lights, fuel line cut-off in the event of a collision and more. This is a car you would definitely feel safe and secure in.


Storage is a big draw in terms of purchasing a car and the Toledo is a car that has plenty of space for storage. The boot has a capacity of 550 litres making it a good choice for a family road trip. There is no plenty of space inside the car and the interior will feel comfortable and spacious for both the front and rear passengers. There’s loads of leg room and this is something handy when you have a lot of people in the back of the car. As far as used cars go, this is a sinch.


The class of this car is something that cannot be denied. The SEAT Toledo is a car that looks elegant and modern, and it has many different plastic finishes that make this car feel shiny and new even after a few years of ownership. The layout is incredibly sensible and practical but this doesn’t mean that the style is compromised with and you will still feel great hopping into the car and driving to and from where you need to go. The SEAT Toledo has good quality seats to provide the best comfort for all and the cabin itself is a comfortable and bright environment to be in. Although they can be a little loud when you start up the engine, once it is moving you won’t hear a thing.

Why buy used?

The SEAT Toledo is a new car and this means that there will not be that many used ones on the market. However, the Toledo is a car which has some great used options and if you do come across one of these you really will be getting a great deal. Value depreciates as soon as the car is not new, and even a year old used car can be much cheaper but will still have the same merits in terms of mileage and reliability. Take a look and see what you can find

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