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The perfect car for city living, the SEAT Mii effortlessly combines chic design, contemporary equipment and compact dimensions.

The SEAT Mii is seen as one of the most practical cars available from the manufacturer. It’s based on the Volkswagen Up!, but it comes with some added features - and a lower price. This is a neat little city car that’s designed for people that want something affordable to drive every day. You won’t experience massive thrills behind the wheel, but you do get near unrivalled convenience. There’s a lot to love about the SEAT Mii, and it could be the perfect car for you.

Buy A Used SEAT Mii

If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of a SEAT Mii, then you can buy an approved used SEAT Mii from us today. Buying used cars is beneficial as it’s far more cost-effective than purchasing a brand new vehicle. You still receive a car in excellent condition, it’s just worth less because someone else has used it before you.

All of our used cars undergo extensive tests and evaluations before we release them to the market. This ensures that your second-hand SEAT Mii will live up to the highest expectations and be ready to drive straight away.

Three Different Trim Levels

As with all SEAT vehicles, the Mii comes with different trim levels. Each one comes with its own list of specs and offers a little bit more than the last. You get to choose your trim level before you buy, which can help you save money or gain some must-have features.

Here are the four options:

Mii SE

This is the entry-level trim, and it’s ideal for anyone that wants to save as much money as possible and isn’t interested in any extra features. With this trim you have the following:

  • Alloy wheels
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric front windows
  • Split-fold rear seat
  • Sound system

Mii Design

Next, we have the slightly upgraded Mii Design. This costs more than the previous trim, but you get a few extras that may make the extra cost worthwhile for you.

  • LED daytime lights
  • Upgrades to other elements of the trim (Aircon, sound system, etc.)

Mii FR

The third trim sets you up with a few potentially essential features. It’s designed to be a bit of a sportier version than the others, so it could be perfect for someone that still wants an enjoyable driving experience from this car. Here’s what you get:

  • Sat-nav built into the car
  • Sporty alloy wheels
  • An upgraded suspension system

Mii Cosmopolitan

Lastly, you have the top-of-the-range trim. You get everything in all the other trims, but with a couple of little sweeteners to make it more complete:

  • Two unique colours - Violette and Candy White
  • Upgrades to the interior and exterior style
  • 74bhp engine

Naturally, you won’t need some of the features that a few of these trims have to offer. It’s advised that you consider your essential requirements before buying a used SEAT Mii. Think about what you need, then pick a trim that ticks all of your boxes.

Two Engine Options

The SEAT Mii is available with two different engine options. Both of these engines are petrol, there’s not a diesel one on offer.

The smaller of the two engines come with 59bhp. It may not look like much, but it provides enough power to help you get around the city every day. There’s enough under the bonnet to give you a little kick when you need it, and it has impressive performance figures. All the trim levels bar the Mii Cosmopolitan can be bought with this engine.

The larger one has 74bhp and offers a bit more of a boost. It makes the SEAT Mii extra nippy, meaning you can have more fun while zipping around. You can choose this engine on any of the models, but it will increase the price a little bit.

Key Features

Perhaps the main feature of the SEAT Mii is the price tag. It’s one of the most affordable cars on the market right now, particularly when bought second-hand. Not only that, but it’s highly practical and offers a comfortable driving experience. There’s a 3-door version available with ample room in the front, along with decent room for two passengers in the back. You can upgrade to a 5-door version if you want, and this gives you a little bit of extra room throughout the vehicle.

Overall, the SEAT Mii is a fun city car that competes with some of the best around. If you’re looking to buy a used SEAT Mii, then make sure you get one from an approved dealer like us. Feel free to enquire today, and we’ll help you find the best car for your budget.

If you haven’t found the SEAT Mii you were looking for, contact Crewe SEAT or call our team on: 01270 860903 Our teams will be able to help you find your perfect next car.