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Used SEAT Mii Electric

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If you love SEAT Mii electric cars, you're not the only one! SEAT's first-ever fully electric model is only a year old, yet it's taken the driving world by storm. Motorists seem to love its subcompact design, quirky shape, and easy handling, and you're no different. Of course, forking out for a brand new SEAT Mii Electric isn't always an option due to the price, that's where our selection of used SEAT Mii Electric models may come in.

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How Is the Seat Mii Different?

There's an easy answer - it's fully electric. However, this has been the case since 2019, when SEAT decided to remove petrol combustion engines from the Mii range, leaving it powered by a battery. The powertrain has remained the same, yet there are differences you'll love when you compare it to previous SEAT Mii's and other competitors.

For example, the 36.8kWh battery is located under the floor, leaving more space for drivers, passengers, and storage. Also, you get a range of 161.5 miles (259.9 km) from a used SEAT Mii, which is right up there with other small EVs, such as the Skoda Citigo-E and VW e-Up. The top speed is a little slower than the old petrol versions, but the power and torque are considerably higher.

You can expect  61kw, 83hp, and 82bhp, compared to 55kw, 74hp, and 74bhp in previous models. It has five doors, which means it's not as difficult to get in and out of relative to other EVs on the market, and the trim and bodywork have been updated since it has been almost a decade since the VW Group released the first Mii.

How Does It Compare to the Rest?

As far as the Citigo-E and e-Up go, the SEAT Mii Electric is the most superior. The powertrain is pretty much the same throughout all three, but more thought and care has gone into the adaptation, ensuring it provides practical and well-thought-out features. The associated smartphone app is a perfect example as it lets the driver control the lights, locks, and climate from a mobile device. It also offers data on the car's location and journey times.

Battery-wise, you get the most bang for your buck with a SEAT Mii Electric. This is due to SEAT's superior range of 160 miles-plus, which is better only by the Renault Zoe. Even then, the difference is about 2 miles of range. The unit's size means it will power up in no time when you plug it into a charger with a high wattage.

Plus, the discrepancy in price is hard to ignore. You'll pay thousands of pounds more for electric vehicles in the Mii category, yet you'll get a similar experience minus the attention to detail. There really isn't a comparison because the SEAT Mii Electric is an all-rounder that covers every base.

How to Buy A Used Seat Mii Electric

There are several reasons to purchase a used Mii Electric model, including:

  • Low price
  • Reliability
  • Vehicle history background
  • Regulated and trustworthy dealers
  • Finance deals
  • Warranties and guarantees

Pick up the phone or use the live chat function on the website to speak to a valued member of the team. They'll put you on the right track to ensure you drive away with the perfect used Seat Mii Electric today!

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