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Since its 1998 introduction, the SEAT Leon has firmly established itself in the family hatchback segment as safe, reliable and stylish.

SEAT is a Spanish car manufacturer and the SEAT Leon is likely one of the most well-known models they produce. The SEAT Leon first came into the scene in 1999 and since then it has evolved into an incredibly popular car for all drivers.

In 1999 the first generation of Leon came out and this is a hatchback that shares parts with Volkswagen models. The connection to this German brand with their reputation in engineering is certainly a confidence booster and really speaks volumes for the quality of this car. The SEAT Leon shares a platform with the Audi A3, Polo, and Ibiza as they were all built upon the same Volkswagen platform. There are a few different engine configurations for the first generation ranging from 1.4- 1.9 litres.

In the second generation of these cars, the shape was very much a carbon copy of the Volkswagen Golf V and has a beautiful finish that appeals to a lot of different demographics. This generation of SEAT Leon has a 1.4 litre, 1.6 litre, and 2.0 litre engine. The sportiest version has a 2.0 TFSI engine and has a capacity of 185 horsepower which is very impressive for a family style car.

In 2009, SEAT presented a whole new Leon for the Geneva Auto Show. This style of Leon really shows a shift in the vehicle and present some stunning features such as new trims, a new bumper size, and new shape of lights. The aim for this redesign was to provide better visibility for the driver as well as an XDS system. There was a massive upgrade to the dashboard and controls in the car and these really make for a better overall driving experience. The third generation of SEAT Leon rally marked a new era for SEAT as a brand and showed that these cars are made to last and made for practicality as well as performance. It remains one of the most popular of the models.

Why buy one?

  • The kit - The main bonus of buying a SEAT Leon is the sheer kit you get to enjoy inside the car. This includes air conditioning, a touchscreen system, and Bluetooth so that you can take calls and play music on the go.

  • Safety and security - The safety of a car is crucial for you and everyone else in the car, and the Leon has many airbags, automatic emergency braking, and tyre pressure monitoring to ensure you never slip on the roads. For a new driver this is the ideal car to buy.

  • Aesthetics - Since 2005 and the second generation of Leon, there has been a shift towards curved lines and beautiful colours that will make any driver feel proud on the road. Compared to other similar hatchback cars, nothing about the SEAT Leon is boring.

  • CO2 - If you haven’t been aware, big changes are happening in the automotive industry including the introduction of tighter CO2 laws. The SEAT Leon is a great choice for a car if you don’t want to cause CO2 pollution because they don’t emit nearly as much as similar cars.

  • Grip - When driving on the road one of the most important things to think about is grip. If you often drive around sharp corners you may need a car that doesn’t feel as if it is lifting off the ground every time. The SEAT Leon won’t pull when driving around corners providing you with a stable and safe drive.

  • Value for money - In terms of the family card, the SEAT Leon represents a brilliant value for money and one which most drivers can afford. Not only will you gain a stylish and comfortable vehicle but you will also get a car that has many more features than those that are similar. Most of the engines in this car are economically friendly as well as good for the environment and they will cost you much less than other models in tax and fuel.

  • Economic? - One of the most important factors in buying a car these days is the impact it will have on the environment and the SEAT Leon, even the ones built between 2005-2012, have wonderful economic value. Based on the Volkswagen Golf, the SEAT Leon is built to be eco-friendly and this allows you to enjoy a guilt free drive. It has a fun edge to it when driving and the style of this car makes it a wonderful choice for any driver.

It terms of different versions of this car, there are many different types of engine to choose from and perhaps the most popular of these is the FR versions. These engines are either a 2.0 litre petrol or a 2.0 litre diesel car. When we look deeper into the performance of these engines they can take a lot of work and the diesel in particular performs amazingly. If you are looking for a car that packs a punch but also won’t cost you a ton in fuel then this is a wonderful choice for you.

Why buy used?

Buying a used SEAT Leon is a great choice for any level of driver because these models have been around for quite some time and you can purchase them for a very reasonable price. Due to their roots being based on a German car, you can trust that this car will be a reliable one even if you do purchase a used first generation one this year.

The SEAT Leon is a car often used as a family vehicle so when looking for a used one you can often find a car with a great engine and a low mileage too, which is a gold mine for used vehicles. You’ll also be able to rely on cheap parts when taking the car for service so this can be a huge bonus if you are on a tight budget. Take a browse at some of the SEAT Leon’s today and see which one will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

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