Used SEAT Ibiza

The SEAT Ibiza is a favourite among supermini drivers throughout the UK.

The SEAT Ibiza is one of the best selling superminis in the country. If you’re looking for something that’s both reliable and affordable, then this is the car for you. While it falls into the supermini category, the Ibiza still offers up a respectable amount of space and storage for drivers and passengers. It’s an excellent family car, but it also makes a fine choice for someone’s first car.

This is one of the oldest SEAT models on the market today. The first Ibiza was manufactured way back in 1984. At the time of release, this was the first car that SEAT had made as an independent company. There have been five generations of the SEAT Ibiza as of right now. After the first generation, all of the following ones were built on VW Group platforms, as SEAT became part of the Volkswagen group. The latest generation was only released a few years ago in 2017.

There have been many versions of the Ibiza throughout the generation. An estate version was released during the fourth generation, and there were also saloons and coupes available in the third generation. Now, SEAT only sells the five-door hatchback models of this car. You still get plenty of choices, but it’s only available as one specific car type.

Buying A Used SEAT Ibiza

Seeing as the Ibiza is such an old car, this means there are plenty of used options on the market. You can find a second-hand SEAT Ibiza for a very low price if you’re willing to opt for one of the older generations.

Having said that, the fifth generation has been around for three years, so you can still find one of the most updated versions of this car for an attractive price! As always, we highly recommend that you only buy from an approved used SEAT Ibiza dealership. An approved dealer meets certain standards that ensure you don’t get ripped off. We currently offer a range of exceptional used SEAT Ibiza’s for you to have a look at. All of our cars are tried and tested before we sell them. We want to ensure that you buy something that’s built to last and doesn’t come with any underlying issues.

Remember, buying a used car can save you an absolute fortune. You can always buy a brand new SEAT Ibiza, but it doesn’t give you the same value for money as a used one will. There are also more options available to you when you buy used.

SEAT Ibiza Trims

SEAT always gives customers a chance to select a car that suits all their needs. With the SEAT Ibiza, you have plenty of trim options to choose from. This gives you more freedom to select a model that really appeals to your desires.

The current generation of SEAT Ibiza’s come in six different trims:

  • SE: This is the base level trim, and it comes with 15” alloy wheels, a 6.5” touchscreen, LED daytime running lights, and a gorgeous metallic paint job.
  • SE Technology: For anyone that likes the SE but wants some extra oomph, there’s the SE Technology. You get bigger wheels, a full media system, built-in navigation, and stunning auto-headlights.
  • FR: The FR trim also comes with a navigation system, and the alloy wheels are bigger once more. There’s also a SEAT Drive Profile to make your journeys even better, and an impressive twin-exhaust pipe.
  • FR Sport: This trim is for anyone that really wants to give their SEAT Ibiza a good ride. 18” alloy wheels are couples with performance tyres, and there’s a digital cockpit to give you more control. You also get the benefit of LED headlights and dual-zone climate control.
  • XCELLENCE: The XCELLENCE trim provides you with some really intriguing features that make this car all the more impressive. There’s cutting edge technology with rear parking sensors and a keyless entry system. This is combined with multi-coloured ambient lighting for a gorgeous interior.
  • XCELLENCE Lux: Finally, there’s the XCELLENCE Lux. Now, this trim is ideal for anyone that’s looking to invest in a luxury SEAT Ibiza. You get a digital cockpit, adaptive cruise control, and some eye-catching black microsuede upholstery.

Alongside these trims, there are also a couple of others from previous generations. If you want a three-door Ibiza, then look for the SC trim on the used car market. For those of you that love the SEAT Ibiza, but want some extra space, then the ST estate trim might be perfect for you.

Engines & Performance

One of the reasons people love the SEAT Ibiza is that it’s so fun and easy to drive. You get the convenience of a smooth ride, but there’s also the potential to have a bit of fun. Especially if you choose one of the bigger engines, then you can really see what this car’s made of.

Used SEAT Ibizas are available as both petrol and diesel cars. The petrol range of engines starts with a 1.0-litre that boasts 80bhp. It’s a small engine, but SEAT aims this at people who are looking for a casual city car. If you want something with more power, then the 1.0-litre TSI comes with an extra 15bhp. Not only that, but it has impressive 0-60 stats, clocking in at just over 10 seconds.

Still want some extra thrills? Well, there’s a 115bhp version of the TSI engine, and this one can reach up to 121 mph on the motorway. If you intend to take long journeys in your SEAT Ibiza, then we recommend looking for a powerful engine.

There’s also a 1.6-litre diesel engine that you can buy as well. It’s not as smooth as the petrol options, but it does offer better fuel economy.

A Combination Of Elegance & Practicality

The SEAT Ibiza is a car that combines stylish looks with a practical finish. It’s a jack-of-all-trades kind of vehicle. It can be used as a city car to make short journeys, but it’s equally capable of handling long trips on the motorway every day. There’s enough room for passengers in the back, and the boot has more than enough space for your weekly shopping trip.

If you’re keen to get your hands on a used SEAT Ibiza, then contact us today. Look at the listings on our site, then give us a call when you’ve found the deal you’re looking for.

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