Volkswagen California parked on a hill

New Campervans

If you're looking for a campervan look no further.

Why should you buy a campervan?

  • ​You like to go adventuring
  • You like to travel on impulse
  • Save costs on sleeping accommodation
  • You want to move on from a tent
  • You don’t want the hassle of towing a caravan

Choosing your next Campervan has never been easier.​

Now in its sixth generation, the Volkswagen California still embodies the same spirit of adventure it has done for the last 60 years. The reason behind its success has to be its amiable nature both inside and out. The Volkswagen California has become a veritable chameleon of the campervan category, thriving in the ever-changing family holiday vehicle mould thanks to its ability to look amazing, whilst being able to comfortably hold the whole family.

With the California the road is only the start. Seating passengers comfortably in a quiet, spacious interior with DAB radio and the latest infotainment options, you can be sure that when you choose the California for your next vehicle the family road trips are going to be much quieter. The extremely comfortable seats along with the spacious interior allow everyone to spread out, not just those in the front. As you'd expect, from a Volkswagen, the California is robustly built and comes equipped with all the latest safety technology.

When you're out on the open road with the family, tea time can be something of a tough task to master. But with the California, when tea time comes, the interior will transform into a dining space with extra folding chairs for picnics. So you should have all the space you need for whatever dining experience you've got planned.

When you're done adventuring for the day and the night draws in, the new California has space for four adults to catch some z's in two, quickly transformable, airy and comfortable sleeping areas.

The Volkswagen California is available in either the "Coast","Ocean" "Beach Tour" or "Beach Camper" models with a further variant being the California Beach and the Grand California in 600 or longer wheelbase 680 variants.

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