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What is a saloon car?

The motoring press have been talking up the imminent demise of the saloon car for some time now, but it remains an extremely popular bodystyle; whilst SUV may be the flavour of the moment and hatchbacks a staple sight on our roads, there’ll always be a place for the saloon car.

Saloons can be compact, family-sized or luxury executive and designed to waft you to your destination in absolute comfort. With so many variants, your sure to find one that’s right for you, but firstly, should you be thinking of a saloon?

Should I buy a saloon car?

You need to think about:

  • Do I mind that the interior is not that versatile?
  • Is the timeless, sophisticated look, something I like?
  • Do I have larger rear seat passengers who’ll appreciate rear-seat leg room?
  • Do I do a lot of longer journeys with rear-seat passengers?
  • Will the larger but less configurable boot-space work for me?

The longer and lower design of saloons gives them a sophisticated and sleek profile, despite their slinky looks they often offer more usable luggage space than other bodystyles, as their boots are more regularly shaped. You can also drop the back seats or make use of the ‘ski flap’ and you’ll find a saloon can offer you considerably more space than you might imagine.

The traditional saloon ‘three box’ layout means there’s comfort and plenty of leg room all round; rear seat passengers will thank you, as they can stretch their legs out too, making the saloon ideal for transporting five adults in comfort.

We’ve gathered together all our latest, brand new saloon offers, to help you find the perfect car, at the perfect price!

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