Brand New Estate Car Offers

A wide variety of new estate car offers below.

What is an estate car?

The estate car used to be our bodystyle of choice when we were looking for exceptional load carrying capacity combined with plenty of room for passengers; then along came the SUV and many of our heads were turned by the ruggedly good-looking interloper.

Our advice would be to take a fresh look at today’s crop of estate cars, they have a lot to offer; long gone are the days when an estate car was more or less a saloon with a box stuck on the rear. Today’s estate cars are designed to look good, whilst offering fabulous practicality.

Should I buy an estate car?

Things to think about:

  • Do I need load-space for my business?
  • Do I carry lots of sports of equipment?
  • Do you need to carry a pram, or even a double pram?
  • Do I like the swept, sleek estate design?
  • Do you often carry rear seat passengers?

If you’ve not seen an estate car recently, then you’re in for a surprise, the latest models are designed in their own right and not derivations of their saloon or hatchback siblings; so, they’re not only wonderfully practical for families and businesses, but now they’re also great to look at, combining their sleek, extended bodies, with load-spaces which swallow kiddie paraphernalia, luggage or business files with absolute ease.

Many of the current crop of estate cars, are sleeker and more elegant than their other family members, so it’s well worth while checking out what’s on the market.

We’ve gathered together all our latest, brand new estate car offers, to help you find the perfect car, at the perfect price!

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