Wheelchair Accessible Motability Vehicles (WAV)

Choosing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is a big decision to make and we want to help you find a vehicle that will meet your needs now and in the future. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) are vehicles that are specially converted so a wheelchair user can travel either as a passenger or a driver without needing to transfer out of their wheelchair. Size, shape and design of WAVs will vary depending on the original vehicle that is used for the conversion and the company that converts it.

Can I lease a WAV on the Motability Scheme?

If you have at least 12 months remaining on one of acceptable allowances for the Motability Scheme, then you can lease a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV):

Do I need to pay an advance payment for a WAV?

All WAVs require an Advance Payment to cover the full cost of the lease. An Advance Payment is the fixed, non-refundable amount payable up front to your WAV supplier in addition to your weekly mobility allowance.

An Advance Payment is needed on WAVs as your mobility allowance doesn’t cover the cost of these larger and more expensive vehicles. Advance Payments are calculated by considering factors such as the cost of the WAV, it’s servicing and maintenance and its expected resale value at the end of your contract.

Many of our WAVs are affordable; however, if you need a WAV but can't afford the Advance Payment, Motability (the charity) may be able to provide financial help .

If you would like optional extras with your WAV such as parking sensors or separate air conditioning controls for the back of the vehicle, your WAV supplier will be able to give you a price for these. But please note that payment for these will be dealt with separately from the Advance Payment.

Is a WAV right for you?

If you are no longer able to transfer from your wheelchair to a car seat, or if your carer can’t lift you, then a WAV could be the solution. Motability UK has over 20,000 WAV customers who value the independence their WAV gives them. However, a WAV might not be right for everyone and you should weigh up the pros and cons.

What are the other options?

There are alternatives available if you don’t feel that a WAV is the right vehicle for you – but it’s important that any vehicle you choose supports your needs now and for the duration of your lease.

If you are able to transfer out of your wheelchair without it causing too much discomfort then a standard car fitted with adaptations may be a better choice. Adaptations such as a transfer plate, person hoist or swivel seat could help improve your access to a car. There is also a wide range of adaptations available that can help you stow your wheelchair or scooter, such as a boot hoist or rooftop stowage box.

Can I drive a WAV myself?

If you would like to drive a WAV yourself , there a few types of vehicle that can be converted to allow this. These vehicles require driving adaptations tailored to suit your individual needs and you will need to get more specific advice. However, it’s important to remember that these vehicles are an expensive option and take much longer to arrive.

What's the difference between a new and nearly new vehicle?

The Difference New WAV Nearly New WAV
Lease length 5 years 3 years
Mileage allowance 100,000 60,000
Vehicle age Brand new Less than three years old
Delivery times On average, 12-16 weeks A few weeks or less
Advance payment WAV dependant Less than the equivalent new WAV

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Nearly New WAVs

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to lease a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) through the Motability Scheme then a Nearly New WAV might be the right vehicle for you.

What is a Nearly New WAV?

Nearly New WAVs are WAVs that have been returned to Motability UK from another customer after less than three years. All Nearly New WAVs are carefully checked by a Motability approved supplier, before being offered as alternative option.

Is a Nearly New WAV right for me?

Yes if:

  • One is available that suits your needs
  • You need to get a WAV quickly
  • You need a WAV but would like a lower Advance Payment
  • You’d like a shorter lease length.

However, there are a few things to consider:

  • Not all new WAVs are available as Nearly New
  • There is a limited amount of stock available
  • While each Nearly New WAV is quality checked, you should expect some wear consistent with its age

Ensuring you have the right vehicle to suit your needs is really important, as it will be a big part of your life for the next three years.