Motability Scheme Terms and Conditions

Before you can lease a car on the Motability Scheme, you’ll need to make sure you’re happy to lease a car within the Scheme’s terms and conditions.

We’ll ask you to make sure:

  • The car is used by, or for the benefit of, the disabled person. This does not mean that the disabled person needs to be in the car for every journey. In practice, this means other named drivers in the household can use the car for shopping and other routine activities, as long as the disabled customer will benefit
  • Only named drivers listed on your Certificate of Motor Insurance can drive the car*
  • That you let us know about any changes that may affect your lease.

* We will only accept drivers who have a legally valid driving licence. Drivers with a non-UK driving licence will be subject to additional checks.

At the time of ordering your new car, you, your nominated drivers and the Motability Specialist at the dealership will need to sign a Statement of Responsibilities to confirm you understand and agree to follow the terms and conditions for using your Motability car.

Misuse would include:

  • Not giving the disabled person the benefit of the car
  • Driving whilst uninsured or banned
  • Using the car in a criminal act
  • Lending, sub-leasing or selling the car
  • Using the car for unauthorised business purposes, for example, as a taxi or delivery vehicle
  • Not taking proper care of your car

If your car is misused

When given information about misuse, Motability always investigate. If they find serious misuse or severe damage they will take action:

  • Your agreement may be cancelled
  • You may not be able to get another Motability car
  • You may be sent the bill for any repairs or estimated loss in sale value.

Reporting misuse

If you are concerned that someone is misusing any Motability vehicle, please use the Motability contact form to report the issue.