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Motability Go Charge

Accessible Public Charging for Motability Customers

Discover Motability Go Charge

Here at Swansway Motor Group, we are proud to offer a variety of brands on the Motability Scheme with a selection of electric vehicles on offer. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, it is important to ensure that customers have easy access to electric vehicle charging points.

The brand-new Motability Go Charge initiative is set to revolutionise the way Motability drivers can charge their electric vehicles, especially those who don’t have a driveway or off-street parking at home.

Motability Go Charge Charging

What is Motability Go Charge?

Motability Go Charge is a charging service designed for Motability Scheme customers who want to lease an Electric Car but don’t have the option to charge at home. Created by charging specialists Paua, Go Charge provides a free app and card, which results in a one-stop solution for charging on the go.

How Does Motability Go Charge Work?

Go Charge operates through a network of over 50,000 public charging points with over 20 charging partners. This includes Shell Recharge, Osprey, Geniepoint and Gridserve. Each charging point is in an easily accessible location such as streets, car parks and service stations.

The mobile phone app and card will allow the Motability driver to charge their EV at any one of the compatible locations without the need for additional subscriptions or memberships.

How much does it cost to use Motability Go Charge?

The cost of using the Motability Go Charge app is included in the Motability lease packed meaning that there are no monthly subscription fees. The only thing you will need to pay for is the actual electricity used to charge your EV.

Motability have ensured that the charging tariffs are competitive, making charging on the go affordable for all. The app contains clear information about the rates and potential charges.

The charge point operator and speed of charge will determine the amount you will pay per charge, but Motability Go Charge have ensured you will not be overcharged and there are no hidden fees.

How do I access Go Charge?

Go Charge is being offered to every new Motability EV customer. Even if you have access to a home charging point, Go Charge will be made available to you. Existing Motability EV customers are also eligible for the Go Charge scheme.

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