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Choosing a Motability Car

There's a great range of vehicle options on the Motability scheme, let us help find the right vehicle for you.

Choosing a new vehicle often comes with lots of questions, and probably even more when you have a disability, even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for we’ve put together some guidance to help you find the vehicle that’s right for you.

Knowing your budget

Pricing works a little differently on Motability than when purchasing a regular car, as you’re only leasing the vehicle you’ll have three options:

  • Vehicles that cost less than your Motability allowance

  • Vehicles that cost all of your Motability allowance

  • Vehicles that cost all of your Motability allowance and require an advance payment

Motability running costs

One of the great things about the Motability scheme is that its worry-free package takes care of most of the running costs you’ll encounter with your vehicle. The only thing you’ll need to account for is paying for fuel, so take into account how many miles you do and then look at the fuel economy of the vehicles you are interested in, this will help you to work out an estimated cost of fuel per month.

Who’s going to drive

As part of your Motability package, you’re insured for up to three drivers, which doesn’t have to include the person the Motability car is for. So, if you’re claiming a Motability allowance and can’t drive for whatever reason, you can use your slot for an additional person to drive on your behalf.

If you are choosing a Motability vehicle and will have other people driving on your behalf it’s important to involve them in the decision-making, this will help make sure everyone is comfortable and safe in the vehicle you choose. 

Adding specialist equipment

When we order cars from the manufacturers we can add extra features and gadgets to help where needed, some of these may be included as standard and some may be optional extras;

  • Parking sensors and cameras – sounds and visuals to help you get into smaller spaces

  • Automated parking – does the parking for you

  • Keyless entry – making it much easier to get into the vehicle

  • Automated boot opening – simply press a button or wave something under the rear bumper

  • Sliding rear doors – make getting into the back of the vehicle much easier

  • Electrically adjustable seats – move them forwards, backwards, up or down at the push of a button

  • Voice activation – to help with using smart features

  • Automated wipers and headlights – giving you less to think about on the road


Fitting everything in

If you need to take any specialist equipment with you it’s important to consider this when shopping for a vehicle as well as how many passengers you typically drive around.

Take a test drive to make sure

Booking a test drive with one of our Motability specialists is the best way to make sure a vehicle is right for you before you commit. Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly teams using the form below.

Need some help?

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