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Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

A BEV, Battery Electric Vehicle, is a pure electric vehicle. So basically it only runs on electric and nothing else. Read on to find out more about BEVs.

What is a battery electric vehicle?

A battery electric vehicle runs solely on an electrically rechargeable battery. Instead of the conventional combustion engine you will have a battery instead.

Because there is no internal combustion engine, BEVs make very little noise and can stop and start very quickly due to the nature of electric vehicles. In addition, they don’t continue to burn through the energy when the vehicle stops moving because there is no need to use the chemical energy stored in the battery packs. As such, they’re perfect for city driving because they can stop and start without losing efficiency.

Other terms you may find used to describe a BEV are pure electric and only-electric, but they mean the same thing. Sometimes people may also refer to a BEV as an all-electric vehicle, which is true, however the term all-electric vehicle (AEV) also includes fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

Should I buy an electric car?

What are the pros of buying an electric car?

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Pure electric vehicles are tax exempt

  • Zero emissions that are harmful to the environment

  • Fewer moving parts can equate to less need for maintenance

  • Overall, research estimates that EVs work out less expensive to run over 60,000 miles

  • Batteries can be guaranteed for up to 8 years​

What are the cons of buying an electric car?

  • The way you drive your car really affects how far you can go before re-charging
  • You may struggle to find a charging point whilst out and about and if someone else is there before you, you may have to wait

  • EVs can be more expensive to insure, as there is not a lot of information about the costs of servicing and repairs

  • There can be an element of "mileage anxiety" when you worry about if you will have enough charge to make it to the net convenient charging point

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