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Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

A BEV, Battery Electric Vehicle, is a pure electric vehicle. So basically it only runs on electric and nothing else. Read on to find out more about BEVs.

What is a battery electric vehicle?

A battery electric vehicle runs solely on an electrically rechargeable battery. Instead of the conventional combustion engine you will have a battery instead.

Because there is no internal combustion engine, BEVs make very little noise and can stop and start very quickly due to the nature of electric vehicles. In addition, they don’t continue to burn through the energy when the vehicle stops moving because there is no need to use the chemical energy stored in the battery packs. As such, they’re perfect for city driving because they can stop and start without losing efficiency.

Other terms you may find used to describe a BEV are pure electric and only-electric, but they mean the same thing.

Things to consider when buying an Electric Vehicle

  • Range – Find a car which will cater to the length of your journeys. There are some great options like the ID.4 which has a range of 337 miles.

  • Offers - There’s lots of offers and grants avaliable to make owning an electric car easier. Like with Audis Offer you can get a free home charger when you buy a new Audi on PCP finance.

  • Charging - The UK’S charging infostructure is constantly improving and there’s now over 53,000 charging points in the UK. Zapmap have a great Charging Point Map for you to find your closest chargers.

Thinking About Going Electric?

We can help find the right electric vehicle for you.