Used Citroën Elect 4 Finance

The benefits of Citroen Elect 4 Finance:

  • This is effectively a rental scheme so no need to worry about depreciation and future value.
  • Monthly rentals and the term are fixed so you can manage your budget easily. (Please bear in mind that VAT is payable on the finance rentals.)
  • We can tailor the rentals and advance amounts to suit your budget.
  • You can change the car every 4 years without the hassle that goes along with disposing the vehicle.

So if you want to enjoy the convenience of driving your Citroën without the stress and hassle of owning it, then Used Elect 4 is the choice.

How it works

You choose your annual mileage (6,000 - 30,000), pay an advanced rental if you want (between 0% - 40% of the vehicle price) and then pay fixed monthly rentals over a term of 48 months.

After you've rented it for a fixed period, just return it to your local dealer where you can exchange it for another Citroën Select Approved Used vehicle.

Or if you want to rent it for longer, no problem. Just pay the final optional rental and opt for a secondary rental term (12 month extensions available) - you just pay an annual rental to us which is the equivalent to one month's rental.

Our Payment Waiver feature can also help cover your finances in unforeseen circumstances.