Citroën Used Business Lease

The benefits:

  • It’s flexible - with the option of adding a balloon rental to reduce the monthly rentals. Please note that VAT is payable on the finance rentals.
  • Monthly payments can be tailored to suit your budget and cash flow requirements, making for better financial planning.
  • Vehicles appear as an asset on your balance sheet, so writing down allowances can be offset against taxable profits along with interest charges.
  • If you want an alternative to vehicle ownership, offering your business controlled cash flow and tax efficiencies, then Citroën Contract Motoring Used Business Lease is the choice.

With a business lease you simply pay a monthly rental to use the vehicle for the length of the agreement. Rentals can be tailored to match the cash flow of your business, using a ‘balloon’ (if required) to reach a target rental that fits your budget. Adding a balloon has the effect of reducing the monthly rentals, and is often paid, using the sale proceeds of the vehicle at the end of the agreement. The vehicle will be shown as a leased asset on your balance sheet and all rentals are treated as a revenue expense and can be offset against your taxable profits.