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Whichever direction you’d like to drive your automotive career

Whether you’re a Sales Administrator who’d love to be a Service Technician, or a Receptionist who aspires to be a Sales Manager, we promise to stick by you every step of the way.

At Swansway Motor Group, we believe strongly in growing a career from within and are passionate about training and empowering each other.

We recognise all the hard work that goes into making each department successful and appreciate the efforts of each individual. After all, as Swansway Motor Group Director, John Smyth says…

‘The importance of being a family stems into every part of our business. I see all our staff as family members, because we’re all working for one cause and going in one direction…’

To make Swansway Motor Group a place where people love to work, and customers are delighted to return.

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And there we have it! Just a little glimpse into the world of Swansway and what its like to work here. Would you like to see your anniversary blog hosted here in a few years time? Then now's your chance to join us. Build your career with Swansway Motor Group by browsing our current vacancies below and we hope you spot the perfect job for you!

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