Working at Swansway Group

Welcome to the Swansway Family

Joining Swansway Motor Group is more than just starting a new job; it’s becoming part of a new family.

You’ve been hired because of who you are, you’re unique, but your values fit with the Swansway ethos; welcome!

Like all families, the Swansway family has its own way of doing things; everything we do revolves around our family values…caring, honest and proud. These aren’t just words dreamt up by an advertising agency or picked by the directors; these values were chosen by sixty Swansway family members to describe what it means part of the Swansway family.

So what will it feel like to be part of the Swansway family and to see these values in action:

Four Swansway employees in suits standing next to each other

Our Core Values:


We care about our fellow Swansway family members; we help each other to get the job done. We care about where we work, we keep desks and filing cabinets tidy and we keep our dealerships looking like new. We care about every one of our customers, we like to think of them as guests in our work homes and we want them to go away feeling they’ve had excellent customer service.


When we tell a customer or a Swansway family member we’re going to do something, we do it. We don’t make excuses, either to each other or to our customers; we’re transparent in everything we do. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s not a problem, it’s just an opportunity to learn; we acknowledge our errors, help each other resolve them and move on.


We’re proud to work for an award-winning family owned business and that means we take pride in doing everything we do to the best of our ability. We’re proud to welcome our customers into our immaculate dealerships, but even more proud that our friendly atmosphere is what they remember the most. We’re proud when our customers go away happy and recommend us to their friends and family.

And there we have it; Caring, Honest, Proud - Swansway!

Next up, why not take a look at some of our current employees and see how their career paths have progressed over time? With over 200 of our 1,300 employees having been with the Swansway Family for over 5 years, it means the world to us to be able to reward our staff and promote from within. Take a look at what our current staff have to say here and we hope to be celebrating your Swansway Anniversary soon!