Lauren Mcnicholas

Accounts Apprenticeships

Do you enjoy working with figures?

Want to gain a professional qualification and qualify more quickly than if you’d gone to university and earn while you learn?

An accountancy apprenticeship is a great way to not only achieve a recognised AAT accountancy qualification, it will also ensure that you qualify with on the job experience and a really valuable set of skills which will mean you’ll be highly sought after as an employee.

And when you’ve completed your AAT Apprenticeship, you’ll also receive exemptions towards further accountancy qualifications you may be interested in such as ACCA, CIMA and CIPFA.

With accountancy functions across all our dealerships and at our Head Office, you’ll not only be part of an accountancy team, but also part of the wider dealership or Head Office team; you’ll be immersed in the business and learn valuable insights into how a business is run day to day.

With the ever rising costs, not just of university tuition fees, but of accommodation costs whilst you study, an accounting apprenticeship is an excellent way to put yourself ahead of the game; qualify quicker than you would on a uni course, be debt-free, earn while you learn and come out with very employable, real-life job experience in addition to your AAT qualification.

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