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Top 5 Tips for that first apprenticeship interview

Looking for some interview help?

Here at Swansway we have come up with 5 great tips to help you feel more comfortable and prepared when entering your first interview.

First impressions count; so, look your best: You don‘t need to spend money on special clothes, just look like you mean business; well-presented, clean and crisp, an interview is definitely a hoodie and leggings free zone!

Don’t be late: Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your interview, so you’re calm, not hot and flustered. Check out the location on Google maps beforehand so you’re confident of where you’re going.

Research, Research, Research: You can guarantee that at some point during your interview you’re going to be asked what you know about the business. Remember a couple of key things which will show you’ve done your research.

Know yourself: Be ready to talk about you! Any hobbies you have, what you enjoy doing, why you want the job and why you think you’d be good at it.

Ask questions: Have a think and get a few questions ready; that way you can show you’re interested in the business and want to learn more.

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