Campervans from Swansway Motor Group

What is a Campervan?

A campervan is a vehicle that is a combination between transport and sleeping accommodation. The vehicle is equipped with beds and cooking equipment so that you can live, cook, and sleep in it. These vehicles are often very popular with people who love going on road trips and camping holidays.

Should you buy a Campervan?

Campervan benefits:

  • Family outings- Taking your family on trips will be much more bearable in a campervan when you can fit your home comforts in rather than being stuffed into a car.
  • Onboard facilities - The latest Campervans are packed with all the facilities you may need, from showers to kitchen units and even surprisingly comfy beds.
  • Customizable - You can upgrade and add new additions to your campervan whenever you want. You can add extra facilities or different gadgets to make your camper suit your needs and be as luxurious as you desire.
  • Cost Effective - If you like exploring new places on a regular basis, it may work out cheaper to take on your adventures in a campervan rather than continuing to spend money on hotel rooms. However don't forget take into consideration the extra cost of fuel that you may use when travelling.

Campervan considerations:

  • Price - The price of a camper doesn't always come cheap however you can save a bit of money by converting a van yourself. If you want a new campervan, be prepared to fork out the money.
  • Manoeuvrability - With a Campervan being such a large vehicle you may find manoeuvring it more difficult than your average car as well as you may struggle squeezing down narrow country lanes.
  • Fuel - As it is a larger vehicle the fuel consumption is higher than your everyday car.

What to look for in a Campervan:

  • Size - Size is a huge thing to take into consideration, make sure that the campervan you purchase is big enough for you and whoever you wish to share your journeys with.
  • Facilities - There are many different specifications of campervans some with lots more storage than others, different sleeping capacities and add extras. Search around to find the camper that is home to all the facilities you will need to make your journey in your vehicle the most enjoyable and comfortable as they can be.