Audi’s popular large SUV, the Q7 has been facelifted for 2019, bringing the model in line with the luxurious, range-topping Q8.

All the changes have resulted in a car which is thoroughly more attractive and modern than ever before, meaning those who may have forgotten or dismissed the model, might just change their minds when they look at this updated version.

Here are the alterations and additions you need to know about…

Updated looks

Admittedly, the Q7’s exterior isn’t drastically different due to the facelift, and most won’t notice the subtle upgrades.

But, nonetheless, the refreshed design helps bring the model bang up to date. It gets new front and rear lights, which – especially under the cover of darkness – look fantastic.

As well as this, the grille has been altered to resemble the Q8’s a little more, therefore giving it a slightly more aggressive look.

audi q7 in the woods
audi q7 engine

Mild-hybrid tech

Mild-hybrid tech has now been rolled out across the Q7 range, giving buyers the ability to enjoy a few more MPGs on top of the car’s already rather great fuel economy figures.

The 48-volt electric motor does this brilliantly – it also doesn’t require any compromises or extra hassle (e.g. having to plug it in).

Twin touchscreen system

One feature of the Q8 which can now be found in the Q7 is its delightfully tech-filled interior.

That’s right – the sleek, stylish dashboard of the more expensive Q8 has found its way into the model’s cheaper sibling, which is great.

Most notably, the layout has two large touchscreens located in the centre of the dash, controlling various features of the car.

audi q7 dual display
audi q7 rear view image

More standard kit

Something that’s always welcome in the motoring world is more standard kit. It’s never bad to get more bang for your buck – and that’s exactly the case with the new Q7.

For example, the model now gets seven seats, whereas it was offered as an optional extra before.

What’s more, all Q7s now get adaptive suspension, which helps provide an even more comfortable ride.



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