Volkswagen hasn’t wasted any time in creating a new, more practical version of its already quite-practical ID. Buzz. This new seven-seater model is designed to appeal to families and drivers who like to have a little extra room for when they’re setting off on big adventures. 

Even though the exterior styling might be similar to the standard Buzz, there’s a fair bit that is different between the two. Let’s check out what this new car offers. 

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Seven Seater


Obviously, this is a large van so it’s able to offer more space. But in fact, it’s 250mm longer than the standard model, which means that it’s able to deliver a whole lot more interior room.

Plus, you might notice that its stretched design gives it more glass on the sides, so Volkswagen says that it plays closer to the look of the original ‘Samba’ bus.


As a result of that boost in wheelbase, Volkswagen is able to offer the seven-seater Buzz in more flexible configurations than the regular version. In fact, if people-carrying ability isn’t your goal, then you can get the ID. Buzz in five, six and seven-seater layouts depending on your requirements.

It means that if you don’t need all seven seats, you could free up a whole lot of space. Who knows - there might be some scope for a camper conversion there, too.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Seven Seater
Volkswagen ID.Buzz Seven Seater

Luggage room

One thing that you always want from a practical ‘bus’ is luggage room. You’re going to need room for all of your gear and equipment on your next adventure, right? Well, in that sense the Buzz does well. In fact, because of its longer wheelbase, you get a healthy 1,340 litres of luggage room in five-seater form.

That’s an increase of 219 litres over the standard version, adding in some considerable capacity.


It’s always nice to be able to enjoy a sunny day in a car, which is why the seven-seater Buzz’s full panoramic sunroof is bound to appeal. It’s the largest glass roof ever built by Volkswagen, in fact. But if that sunshine gets too much, you can change the clever ‘smart glass’ from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button.


The ID. Buzz already has some prominent logos at both the front and back, with both using Volkswagen’s latest typeface which follows a digital-friendly ‘flat’ theme that you’ll also see used by brands like Audi and Peugeot.

But the new Buzz has debuted something particularly exciting - illuminated logos. Though not officially confirmed for UK-bound cars, they’re a clever touch which help to make the Buzz look quite futuristic.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Seven Seater
Volkswagen ID.Buzz Seven Seater


Performance has become a key point of interest in electric vehicles. The seven-seater Buzz actually features a more powerful motor than the standard van and it’s hooked up to a larger 85kWh battery.

This means that this new Buzz can go from 0-60mph in just 7.7 seconds - far quicker than the 10.2-second time accompanied by the standard van. Volkswagen hasn’t released full range figures for the largest Buzz at present, but it’s expected that these will come out shortly.



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