It’s the best indication of what future GTI models might look like and the good news is - for those who like the look of this car - that it’s already going into production.

Set to be the rekindling of the GTI range in an electric setup, but what else do you need to know about it? Let’s take a look.

Red 2023 Volkswagen GTI Concept


The look of the ID.GTI Concept is what has really got people talking. It uses the ID.2all concept as a base, but - in typical GTI fashion - takes things up a notch with a range of performance-orientated touches.

You get the variety of red accents which are a go-to GTI tradition, while around the back there’s a large diffuser section. Also, whereas on older models GTI stood for Grand Touring Injection, that ‘I’ will now represent ‘Intelligence’.


The cabin of the ID.GTI Concept is definitely at the drawing board stage, but the sketches that we’ve seen showcase an interior which is tried-and-tested ‘GTI’. The classic Tartan pattern has been retained for the seats, while the steering wheel has a sporty 12 o’clock marker.

Plus, the trademark golfball gearknob has been reinterpreted as a new ‘Experience Control’ button the middle of the dashboard.

Red 2023 Volkswagen GTI Concept interior
Red 2023 Volkswagen GTI Concept


It’s not very common for manufacturers to release guideline prices for its concepts, but Volkswagen has stated that it’s targeting a low price for the GTI Concept, which would definitely put it into the more affordable area of the electric car market.

You can expect it to cost no more than a current Volkswagen Polo GTI or Golf GTI cost today.


Volkswagen hasn’t released official stats for the ID.GTI Concept - it is, after all, just in the concept stage - but we’ve got a good idea of the kind of performance that it’ll deliver when it hits the road.

It’s expected to bring between 250 and 300bhp, while we’re predicting that it’ll use a front-wheel-drive layout in classic Volkswagen hot hatch fashion.

Red 2023 Volkswagen GTI Concept

Driving style

Volkswagen’s GTI models have a distinctive driving style and that’s something which is set to feature in the ID.GTI. The brand has already said that the way it has been designed means it’s able to have ‘historical GTI’ driving traits.

It’s expected that this will be brought through the way the car steers, the noise it makes inside and even simulated aspects from a traditional petrol car.



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