What are rapid chargers?

A rapid charger is any charger with a power rating of 50kW or above, ultra-rapid chargers have power ratings above 150kW.

Rapid chargers can supply an electric vehicle with between 80 and 100 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Ultra-rapid chargers work even faster helping to reduce charging queues and make electric vehicles more efficient options in the UK.

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How many rapid chargers are in the UK?

A recent report by ZapMap, showed that since the UK’s 10,000th rapid charging device was installed at Sedbergh Leisure Centre in Bradford in December 2023, 2249 additional chargers have been installed, bringing the total to 12,249 on 31st May 2024.

These charging points are spread across 5,336 charging locations in the UK.

This means rapid chargers now make up just under 20% of the total 62,536 chargers of any power in the UK.

In the month of May alone, 325 new rapid electric chargers were added, so it is no wonder 9/10 people who drive EVs are happier than when they drove petrol or diesel engine cars.

Where are the most chargers in the UK?

Unsurprisingly, Greater London is the region with the most rapid chargers of any area in the country with 20,046 chargers, making up 32% of the UK’s total chargers, followed by the South East with 7,879 chargers and then Scotland with 5484. Northern Ireland has the least with just 564 charging points across the area.

In the North West there are 4234 charging points.

If you’re driving to an area with fewer chargers, it may be worth researching beforehand which chargers you will be nearby if you do need to charge up. For top tips on how to maximise your EVs range read 5 ways to maximise the range in your Electric Vehicle.

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