According to a recent study conducted by Zap-Map, the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, over 90% of EV drivers expressed extreme satisfaction with their electric vehicles. The study revealed that these individuals wouldn't trade their EV for a traditional petrol or diesel car. Another research project by Drive Electric found that 38% of EV drivers said their current car makes them feel calmer compared to their previous petrol or diesel vehicle.

This resounding positivity suggests that there are numerous reasons why EV owners find greater happiness behind the wheel of their eco-friendly vehicles. This piqued our interest at Swansway. Why were people enjoying their EVs so much? This question is exactly why our team delved deeper, in order to determine exactly where this satisfaction is coming from…

Environmental Consciousness:

A study by campaign group Beyond the Box found that ‘64% of people surveyed…feel happy when they do something that’s good for the environment.’ This could suggest that one significant reason EV drivers experience higher levels of happiness is their contribution to a cleaner and greener planet. By driving an electric vehicle, they actively reduce harmful emissions and their carbon footprint. The knowledge that their daily commute and travels are not harming the environment could lead to a deep sense of satisfaction and pride.

Cost Savings:

Electric vehicles can offer significant long-term cost savings compared to petrol or diesel cars. EVs generally have lower operating costs, as electricity is cheaper than conventional fuel. Additionally, EV owners generally save on maintenance expenses, as electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and require less servicing. These financial benefits not only enhance drivers' happiness but also provide them with peace of mind. According to expert mental health charity Mind, money problems can be a huge driver of anxiety, sleep problems, panic attacks and isolation amongst adults. It makes sense therefore that EV drivers may experience less financial anxiety than their gas guzzling counterparts…

Close up of VW e-up charging cable and charging port

Smooth and Silent Driving Experience:

EVs are known for their quiet and smooth operation. Unlike traditional combustion engines, electric vehicles produce minimal noise and vibrations. This noise reduction creates a serene and peaceful driving environment, enhancing the overall driving experience. The seamless acceleration and instant torque of electric motors also contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable ride. This is interesting considering that emerging research suggests that noise pollution caused by cars is more than just irritating, it is actually bad for your mental health. The difference can be quite extreme too. People living in areas with more road traffic noise were 25 percent more likely than those living in quiet neighbourhoods to have symptoms of depression.

Considering the risks of agitated driving, this could become more than just a matter of preference. A survey conducted by found that ‘about 3.2million people have had an accident or near-miss as a result of emotional driving.’

Home Charging Convenience:

One of the key advantages of owning an electric vehicle is the ability to charge it at home. EV drivers can conveniently plug their cars into a standard electrical outlet or install a dedicated charging station at home. This eliminates the need to visit petrol stations regularly and allows them to start each day with a fully charged battery. The convenience of home charging translates into time saved, reduced hassle, and ultimately, greater happiness. Convenience has always been a huge driver of consumer behaviours. I mean, how many of us are willing to pay for tech that ‘saves time and effort’? More than 90% of us, apparently!

peugeot e 2008 driving through a city

Charging Towards Happiness: EVs Spark Joy for 9/10 Drivers

As the world continues to embrace sustainable transportation, it's clear from our research that driving an EV brings about a brighter and happier driving experience for the majority of its owners.

In light of these compelling reasons, have we managed to spark your interest in making the switch to an electric vehicle? When you’re ready to make the purchase, browse your brand new EV with Swansway Motor Group. Simply fill in your make and model preferences and scroll through your future cars, right now. It couldn’t be easier to find your dream EV - get your newfound happiness with your EV from Swansway.



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