We’ve picked out some of the most important features about the new Range Rover Sport

The new Range Rover Sport is here and it has hit the road with a dramatic new interior, a range of hybrid engines and a far more technology-orientated interior than its predecessor. It’s been jam-packed with features, in truth, which makes deciphering just what this new Sport has to offer a little tricky. 

To clear things up, we’ve picked out some of the most important features about the new Range Rover Sport so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in and check out what this newest SUV has to offer. 

The exterior design is more dramatic than before 

It’s safe to say that the previous generation Sport was a handsome model, combining that purposeful, sporty design with the upright and imposing appearance of a classic SUV. This new version takes things one step further, with ultra-thin headlights - the slimmest fitted to a Range Rover, in fact - giving the front end of the car a really futuristic look. 

Around the back it’s the same story, with razor-sharp lights framing a full-width trim section which bears the Range Rover name. 

It’s got a range of hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines on offer

Jaguar Land Rover as a group is now really focussing on electrification, which is why you’ll see a variety of hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines offered with the Sport - and a fully electric version is set to arrive in 2024, too. 

Conventional petrol and diesel-powered variants are all available - incorporating mild-hybrid assistance - while a pair of plug-in hybrid give the option of more electric-only running. For traditionalists, a tip-top V8 unit is still available. 

It’s set to be more dynamic than ever

The Range Rover Sport has always been well-regarded in the handling department, so a variety of features have been included on this latest version to make sure that reputation is kept intact. The platform this new car sits on is stiffer than ever, while standard-fit air suspension will help to keep the car level. 

Plus, all cars now get all-wheel-steering as standard, which brings greater agility at slower speeds but improved stability at greater ones. 

The interior tech has had a big boost 

One are that was starting to show its age on the previous Range Rover Sport was its infotainment. Well, this issue has been more than addressed courtesy of a new 13.1-inch curved display, which runs JLR’s latest Pivi Pro software. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are wireless, too. 

Plus, as we’ve seen in other Jaguar Land Rover models, Amazon’s Alexa is fully integrated, allowing you to control various aspects of your home and vehicle through the voice-activated service. 

It’s quieter and more spacious than before 

 Spaciousness is a big deal in this segment, which is why you’ll find the new Range Rover Sport offering more space than before. In fact, there has been a 31mm bump in rear-seat legroom, while knee room has been increased by 20mm, too. It ensures that those in the rear have plenty of space to stretch out and relax. 

The fitment of Active Noise Cancellation technology - similar to that found in noise-cancelling headphones - should help to keep the cabin as quiet as possible, too.

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