For the past 2 years Volkswagen has been the UK’s best selling car brand so it is likely you’ll be able to sell your Volkswagen quickly, follow these steps to make it a straightforward process and get the most money for your Volkswagen.

Whether you’re looking to sell an iconic Volkswagen Golf, an ever-popular Volkswagen Polo, or the bigger Touareg or Tiguan models follow these steps to sell your Volkswagen:

1.      Prepare your Volkswagen for sale

2.      Determine your Volkswagen’s value

3.      Decide how to sell your Volkswagen

4.      Advertise your Volkswagen

5.      Complete the sale

Step 1: Prepare your Volkswagen for Sale

The first step to selling your Volkswagen is to prepare it for sale. This means making it look the best it can to increase its appeal to potential buyers. Firstly, give it a thorough clean both inside and out, it might be worth using a professional valeting service.

You’ll also need to fix any minor issues as this will help to improve your Volkswagen’s value.

Step 2: Find out your Volkswagen’s value

Use an online valuation tool to get an idea of your Volkswagen’s value, this will help you to set an asking price. Mileage, condition, and location all contribute to your car’s value. Sell2Swansway offer a free valuation with no obligations.

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Step 3: Decide how to sell your Volkswagen

There are several options available to you when choosing how to sell your Volkswagen.

1. Sell your Volkswagen to a dealer

One option is to sell to a dealer, this is a straightforward process which won’t take up much of your time. While selling to a dealer may not make you as much money as selling privately, it will save you the stress. If you choose this option, we recommend selling to a Volkswagen dealership as they will have expertise in your car.

When you sell your car to a dealer you also have the option to part-exchange your vehicle helping you get money off your new car.

2. Sell your Volkswagen privately

A second option is to sell your Volkswagen privately, this can often make the most money but is the most stressful process. You’ll be required to advertise, arrange test drives and viewings, negotiate price and handle all the paperwork and logistics once the sale has been made.

3. Sell your Volkswagen to a car buying service

This is the most straightforward process and should get you a competitive price. Sell2Swansway offer a free valuation, you just enter your registration number and mileage. They’ll then look after the hard work making it easy to sell your car.

Step 4: Advertising your Volkswagen

If you choose to sell privately, you’ll need to advertise your Volkswagen. This involves taking high quality photos and writing descriptions abut the car for services like Facebook Marketplace and Autotrader. For top tips on how to photograph your car check out this blog.

Step 5: Complete the sale

Once you’ve found a suitable buyer you need to complete the necessary paperwork including the V5C and service history before you hand over the keys. Once you’ve completed the sale make sure to cancel your insurance, registration, and any remaining warranties.

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