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What's my car worth?

Are you considering joining the thousands of people who are taking advantage of all-time high prices on the second-hand car market and selling your car?

If you are, you’re probably wondering how much is my car worth? Well, we can answer that for you pretty definitively - it won’t cost you a penny, and it’s completely obligation-free.

Why should I know the value of my car?

Knowing the value of your car helps you make more informed decisions before you sell it. If you’re selling your car with a private buyer or at a dealership, it’s especially important as it will help you set a fair price and avoid being lowballed.

It’s also handy to know the value of your car when it comes to getting your car insurance, as it will help them determine how much coverage you’ll need and how much your premium will be.


What affects the valuation of a car?

When assessing a car’s worth, several factors come into play including:

  • Age - Newer cars tend to have a higher value than older ones. A car’s value depreciates as it ages due to wear and tear, changing consumer preferences, and advancing technology.
  • Mileage - The number of miles a car has driven impacts its value, which is why lower mileage is preferred, as it suggests the car has endured less wear and tear over time.
  • Condition - Your car’s interior, exterior, and mechanical components all play a notable role in the value of your car, with better maintained cars naturally fetching higher prices.
  • Market demand - The current demand for a certain make or model also comes into play, as a more in-demand car will get a higher price.

Many more factors come into play when getting your car valued, so why not simplify the process for yourself and leave it to the experts? With Sell 2 Swansway, you can be sure that you’re getting the fairest price for the market at the most convenience.

What cars do we accept/do not accept?

We buy cars with:

  • At least two weeks of valid MOT remaining from the date we receive it.
  • A valid V5C that matches the number plates on your vehicle.
  • Original number plates attached

We don’t buy cars with:

  • A different description than was initially provided
  • Issues identified by a car history check
  • Extensive or irreparable damage and structural issues
  • Dents larger than a football or panel holes
  • Electrical damage, including engine, bodywork, or steering
  • Mileage discrepancies
  • Non-road-legal tyres
  • Previous history of private hire, chauffeur, rental, police, etc.
  • Insurance issues or written-off status
  • No valid MOT
  • No registration in the UK
  • Valuation over £65,000
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How does car valuation work?

We’ve made valuing your car easier than ever. Just pop your reg and mileage in below, upload a few photos, and you’ll have your valuation in no time.

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How can I improve my car's valuation?

If you’re looking to improve your car’s valuation, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, make sure your car is in excellent condition - address any maintenance or repair needs, both cosmetic and internal.

You should also gather all service records and documentation to make sure that you can prove the history of care and maintenance. A clean, well-maintained car will likely improve your valuation. Also confirm the mileage disclosed matches the actual figures within 500 miles of the valuation when the car is collected or dropped off.

Questions we’ve asked about getting a car valuation

We understand that selling your car comes with a lot of questions! We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked ones below, but if there’s any we’ve missed then just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

Brands we work with

We buy cars from some of the biggest, most popular brands out there. If you are looking to sell your car from any of these manufacturers, don’t delay. Get your free, competitive valuation now!

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