What is it?

It feels like Peugeot has been on something of a role of late. It’s been producing likeable, good-looking cars that deliver plenty of technology at a good price - so what’s not to like? The 2008 has been a core model for the firm, too, but Peugeot has seen fit to update it with a fresh look and some clever new tech.

We’re testing it in electric e-2008 flavour here, which adds in a good amount of electric range to the equation.

2023 PEUGEOT E2008 driving

What’s new?

Peugeot has improved the e-2008’s battery pack for this latest generation car, bringing a slight bump in range. This setup has already seen some use in other cars that lie within the wider Stellantis group, including the Jeep Avenger and updated DS 3.

The e-2008 has also gained a striking new design. It’s not got an exterior look that is closer to that of other new models like the 408, with sharpened new ‘claws’ and Peugeot’s latest shield logo being some of the key new additions.

What’s under the bonnet?

The new Peugeot e-2008 gains a 54kWh battery - over the 50kWh one you’d find in the previous car - boosting range from 214 to 251 miles. There’s also more power, rising to 154bhp from 134bhp in the older model. Power goes directly to the front wheels, while a 100kW charging speed means an 80 per cent top-up could be achieved in around half an hour.

Peugeot also claims that the e-2008’s rating of five miles per kWh makes it one of the most efficient EVs on sale today, squeezing every last bit of energy from its batteries.

2023 PEUGEOT E2008 rear
2023 PEUGEOT E2008 driving

What’s it like to drive?

Though Peugeot has tweaked the battery and motor in the e-2008, everything else has remained largely unchanged. However, thanks to the slight uplift in power the e-2008 does feel a little more sprightly away from the line than before, which will be a great help for city drivers who need to nip in and out of traffic.

Of course, it’s no hot hatch, but the e-2008 has some nice spirited driving to offer people who want to make the most of their favourite road.

How does it look?

The e-2008 was already a smart-looking car, so these new tweaks to its design have only worked to boost its visual appeal further. The changes which have been made add a little extra presence to the car, with the ‘three-claw’ LED headlights being particularly striking at night.

There are also more colours to choose from - and a few additional wheel designs, too - so there’s some extra personalisation available for those who want to mix up their e-2008.

2023 PEUGEOT E2008 driving
2023 PEUGEOT E2008 interior

What’s it like inside?

There’s a great sense of quality inside the e-2008 and everything is nicely put together, too. The centre console has been redesigned, too, while the dashboard layout itself is intuitive and nicely laid out. The 10-inch touchscreen inside is standard across the range, too, but it’s been completely re-jigged with better graphics and quicker responses compared with the previous version.

Plus, you get wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so mirroring your smartphone on the car’s display is really simple.

What’s the spec like?

Prices for the e-2008 start from £36,350 and all cars get plenty of equipment as standard including that full infotainment setup inside, automatic air conditioning and rear parking sensors. Automatic lights and wipers are included, too.

You could head up to GT versions - which start from £40,550 - to get full LED headlights and a configurable head-up instrument panel but, in truth, the base specifications are jam-packed with more than enough kit for most people.

2023 PEUGEOT E2008 badge


The changes that Peugeot has made to the e-2008 were done in just the right places. Extra range and performance is never a bad thing in an electric car, while the additional technology and upgraded materials feel like a cherry on top.

It may be a touch pricey compared with others in the market, but given the level of standard equipment that it offers, it does feel like a genuinely good option if you’re looking at a new EV.



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