A large executive car that brings plenty of style, technology and practicality

What is it?

Audi A6 Avant (which means estate in Audi-speak) is a large executive car that brings plenty of style, technology and practicality. And in Allroad guise, you can add some rugged appeal into the mix.

It’s kind of a mix of estate and SUV values, with a raised ride height and bump-friendly cladding making it ideal for those who regularly venture off the beaten track. Older versions have a much more rough and ready appearance, with newer generations toning this down to look more road-focused than before.

Rear view of an Audi A6 allroad driving up a hill

What’s under the bonnet?

Although diesel is a dirty word in modern motoring, it’s your main choice with the A6 Allroad. However, that’s not a bad thing, as the more impressive low-end torque on offer is perfectly suited to a little off-roading, while the improved long-distance economy works with the A6’s executive class status.

There’s a choice of two diesel engines, with more modern versions having up to 282bhp. All-wheel drive comes as standard, as does air suspension to improve comfort out on the road as well as the car’s ability to traverse a rutted farm track.

You can also opt for a petrol with 335bhp, but it’ll require higher revving to make the most of it, particularly if you regularly carry heavy loads or tow.

What’s it like to drive?

The extra ride height offered by the suspension isn’t just well-suited to some light off-roading. It’s actually very well-suited to the broken roads often found in Britain, meaning that the Allroad is arguably the most comfortable model in the A6 range.

Couple this with all-wheel drive and you have one of the most capable cars to cover ground in when the road gets wet. This is particularly noticeable on country roads where rough roads see water pooling in inconsistent places, but the Allroad always remains composed.

However, the country lifestyle focus doesn’t mean it’s difficult to drive in the city. With light steering and good visibility, it’s easy to thread through urban traffic.

How does it look?

The Audi A6 is a smart car, with sleek lines that gives it real premium appeal. When converted to Allroad specification, black cladding is applied to the wheel arches to help protect the bodywork, while chunky sills and bumpers attempt to protect the bottom of the car.

Although it’s unlikely to stand up to true 4x4 abuse, its extra rugged appeal over the regular model will make it appeal to those who like the idea of an SUV but prefer the estate body style. Older models embrace their off-road abilities more than new models, so it’ll be down to personal preference which is best.

Interior of an Audi A6 Allroad

What’s it like inside?

Audi has a reputation for building lovely interiors and that’s no different in the A6 Allroad, which doesn’t lose any of its quality in search of a more rugged approach. It’s very plush inside, with later models getting the fantastic triple-screen layout that all modern Audis get.

It’s also incredibly practical, with the estate body shape resulting in about 565 litres of boot space with the seats up and more than 1,600 litres with them folded down. If you’re regularly carrying passengers in the rear, there’s plenty of leg and headroom, so both adults and kids will get comfortable over longer trips.

What’s the spec like?

The entry-level model still has an excellent amount of kit, with bi-xenon headlights, parking sensors all around, cruise control and hill descent control to make steep inclines easier.

In the top-spec trim you get bigger wheels, though if ride quality is key you should avoid these. You also get a 360-degree camera over the standard reversing unit, as well as smartphone charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and extended leather upholstery.


The Audi A6 Allroad makes a great case for itself as the pick of the model’s range, not just for those who need its extra rugged capabilities. The ride quality is fantastic and it’s packed full of equipment, too.

For many, it will come down to cost and whether the styling changes are an improvement. However, if the body cladding appeals the A6 Allroad makes for a fantastic, practical family car – particularly for those who tow caravans.

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