The Velar is arguably the prettiest SUV on sale today!

Forward-thinking, with curated and refined elements; Range Rover Velar’s design is both intriguing and desirable.

Rear view of a silver Range Rover Velar parked on a cliff

What is it?

If you’re looking for a premium crossover with bundles of off-road ability, the Land Rover range is a great place to start. The likes of the Discovery and the Defender have moved decidedly upmarket in recent years, but those who want to err on the side of luxury and comfort should look to the Range Rover models.

The Velar is arguably the prettiest SUV on sale today, and with its latest round of updates has an interior to match the very best in the business. On top of this, it’s still more capable than most off-road, making it a fantastic all-rounder.

What’s new?

There are a few new engines to consider, with the firm’s latest 3.0-litre six-cylinder mild-hybrid petrol and diesel units. However, the big news is the plug-in hybrid, which should be mighty appealing to anyone that can charge at home, as running costs will be considerably lower.

More noticeable day to day though will be the updated interiors, which have been given an overhaul that makes the improvements over its predecessor almost night and day. 

What’s under the bonnet?

There are two petrols and one diesel, with both being mild-hybrids to help improve economy. Then at the top of the table is the plug-in hybrid.

Badged P400e, the plug-in powertrain is fantastic, with silent operation at low speeds and a seamless transition when the engine is required. With 398bhp and 640Nm of torque on tap it’s no slouch either, but it’s at its best when being driven more sedately around town.

The diesel should be the choice for those who regularly spend time on the motorway, as it’s perfectly suited to long trips at higher sustained speeds. It can be a little gruff at slower speeds, but we’re being picky here.

What’s it like to drive?

The Range Rover Velar doesn’t pretend to be particularly sporty, and as such its character lulls you into a relaxed mood. When driven in a suitable manner it feels perfectly at home, wafting around in the lap of luxury.

The clever new noise cancellation technology means that whichever powertrain you choose, the Velar remains quiet and refined at higher speeds, while the silent operation of the plug-in hybrid’s electric motors perfectly suits the car’s general character.

range rover velar lights
Interior view of a Range Rover Velar

How does it look?

There’s no denying the Range Rover Velar is a good-looking car, managing to retain that upright, high-riding style that SUV buyers love while also looking sleek and hunkered to the ground.

It’s quite a simple design without too many unnecessary fussy details, and this gives the car a certain elegance. Playing around with different trims and option packs can also give it a slightly sportier appearance if desired.

What’s it like inside?

Those who are upgrading to the Velar from a model that’s a few years old will be shocked by the improvements made to the cabin, as this is now a genuine contender with the best in class.

There are high quality materials used throughout and a classy, modern design. The centrepiece is the new Pivi Pro infotainment system, with its twin-screen setup being slick to use and well designed. However, in the Velar it’s let down a little by having a smaller top screen than found elsewhere in the Jaguar Land Rover range.


The Range Rover Velar is a fantastic all-rounder, providing stunning design in a package that’s more than capable off the beaten track, should it be required. It also feels like the sweet spot in the range, with its mix of style and practicality.

There are no weak engines, either, though we’d suggest picking between the plugin hybrid if you travel in the city a lot and can regularly charge it, or the diesel if you’re often on the motorway.

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