Mild-hybrid engine technology has been implemented to improve the Discovery’s efficiency levels.

land rover discovery

What is it?

Land Rover’s Discovery has been a mainstay in the firm’s range for decades. In more recent times it has evolved to become a far more premium, luxurious affair than ever before - though it hasn’t lost that all-important go-anywhere ability. The ‘current’ Discovery has been given a revamp, too, sharpening its classy looks while bolstering its levels of in-car equipment. 

Mild-hybrid engine technology has been implemented to improve the Discovery’s efficiency levels, too. But how do they change the feel of this seven-seater? Let’s take a look. 

What’s new?

When it comes to exterior alterations, things have been minor for the Discovery. The off-centre rear number plate remains, while the styling has been tweaked through the fitment of new LED headlights and taillights. Inside, the Discovery boasts JLR’s new Pivi Pro system, and a new filtration system is said to make the air inside the Disco cleaner than ever.

It has also been given JLR’s latest set of straight-six petrol and diesel engines. 

What’s under the bonnet?

The list of engines available with the Discovery is comprehensive. There are four engines available, with two outputs of petrol and two outputs of diesel. Only the entry-level petrol variant - badged P300 - lacks any mild-hybrid technology. 

The diesels are likely to be the ones chosen by most buyers, with up to 34mpg proving about right for this size and class of car. A hefty 650Nm of torque means it’s a good option for those looking to tow, too. 

What’s it like to drive?

The Discovery showcases a relaxed approach to on-road driving from the get-go, with well sorted suspension and a real lack of exterior noise contributing to a quiet and refined driving experience. Despite a soft spring setup, the Discovery doesn’t roll through the bends like you might expect, though its gigantic footprint could make it a little intimidating to drive. 

Yet despite these excellent on-road manners, the Discovery remains superb off it, too. All manner of driver aids ensure that it’ll get you where you need to go, no matter the conditions. 

land rover discovery

How does it look?

Design changes for the Discovery have been kept to a minimum, with new headlights and LED daytime running lights contributing to a slightly sharper appearance than before. A new R-Dynamic specification is also available, bringing sporty touches and gloss black parts for those after a more head-turning look. 

In general, though, this is a big, handsome SUV and one which continues to look classy out on the road. 

Land Rover Discovery

What’s it like inside?

The cabin has often been a weak spot for Jaguar Land Rover’s cars, but this latest generation of Discovery is working hard to put these issues firmly to bed. The updated Discovery uses a range of high-quality materials alongside clever tech and screens.

And, of course, the Discovery hits the nail on the head when it comes to practicality. It still has space for seven, while even with all seats in place there’s a useful 258 litres of space to play with. 

What’s the spec like?

Prices for the Discovery kick off from £53,090, and for that you get LED lights as standard as well as leather seats and two-zone climate control. JLR’s latest Pivi Pro system is also included and this represents a real upgrade over the older car’s system. It is far easier to use and better integrated into the Discovery’s cabin, too. 

There are a wide variety of specification packs to choose from, too, which can change various aspects about the car, including exterior trim pieces and interior materials. 


Though the SUV market is becoming quite congested, the Discovery remains firmly one of the best of the bunch. It’s good to look at, spacious and great to drive too, while upgrades in the cabin have ensured that it stays in line with more tech-heavy rivals. 

The only real issue is the car’s size; if you’re not used to driving large cars then the Discovery will feel properly massive and even those who have spent time behind the wheel of a conventional SUV will find the Discovery’s huge proportions tricky to get along with. However, adapt to them and you’ll be left with one of the best four-wheel-drives on the market today.

Land Rover Discovery

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