What is it?

You can’t underestimate just how popular the Range Rover Sport has been in the UK. Throughout its series of generations it has gone from strength to strength, finding favour with drivers up and down the country who appreciate its high level of luxury and strong levels of refinement.

Now there’s a new third generation car which aims to take that usual Sport recipe but elevate it with more technology and even more upmarket touches.

Rear view of Range Rover sport driving on a road

What’s new?

This isn't just a refresh, oh no. Instead, we’ve got a fresh slate for the Sport, bringing a bold new exterior look, a series of engine options and some clever new equipment. Features such as all-wheel-steering - which helps to make the car more agile at lower speeds while remaining stable at greater ones - is included too.

Land Rover has also equipped the Sport with its latest infotainment system, too, which should help to transform the experience.

What’s under the bonnet?

Land Rover has kitted the new Sport out with some clever new plug-in hybrid powertrains, which will be a great option for those who do shorter journeys or find the idea of travelling in their large SUV on electric power alone.

But the car we’re looking at here has a more traditional turbocharged diesel setup, albeit with the addition of mild-hybrid technology to help boost efficiency. It can manage a reasonable 36.7mpg, too, while CO2 emissions stand at 202g/km.

What’s it like to drive?

The familiar traits remain with the new Sport, just as they always have done; you’ve got a nice upright driving stance, loads of visibility and a general feeling of confidence. It’s why buyers have consistently flocked to it, in fairness. But the steering has some nice weight to it, too, while that all-wheel-steering really helps at slow speeds too.

This engine is a great fit for the Range Rover Sport, too. It’s really refined and gives the Sport a very impressive 0-60mph time of 5.6 seconds, too. So there’s more than enough performance on tap for all occasions.

Rear view of Range Rover sport driving on a road

How does it look?

It’s at the back of the Sport where you’ll see the most changes have occurred. The front end will appear familiar to those well-versed with the previous generation car, though it has been lifted with sharper headlights and a smoother grille.

But no, it’s at the rear where you’ll notice the biggest difference. It’s akin to the design of the full-fat Range Rover, with a smoothed out look and sharp lights combining to make it strikingly different to the car it replaces.

Front view of Range Rover sport driving on a road

What’s it like inside?

Step inside the cabin of the Sport and it’s easy to see where improvements have been made. The fit-and-finish feels better, while the material quality has been lifted even further than the still-good predecessor. The forward part of the cabin is wide, while the seats are brilliantly comfortable and have loads of adjustment too.

Those in the rear of the car are well catered for as well. Headroom is excellent, while even with a taller driver there’s still plenty of legroom on offer. Many versions offer heated seats in the back of the car, too.

Front view of Range Rover sport driving on a road

What’s the spec like?

Prices for the new Range Rover Sport start from £80,325, so it’s fair to say that this remains a premium purchase. You do get plenty of standard equipment, mind you, with highlights including a head-up display and four-zone climate control.

The inclusion of JLR’s Pivi Pro infotainment system is a real boost, too. It’s great to look at and packed with features, all housed within a 13.1-inch touchscreen. It’s nice that when you use Apple CarPlay that the phone mirroring stretches the full width of the screen, too.

Close up of gear stick
infotainment screen in Range Rover Sport
Back seats of a Range Rover Sport
Full dashboard view in Range Rover Sport
Front view of Range Rover sport driving on a road


Land Rover has managed to really push the game forward with the new Sport. It’s just as luxurious as before, yet it’s even more refined and far more accomplished inside, too. The level of technology on offer is far superior to that in the car it replaces, too.

The diesel engine in this version is really impressive, too, though the option of a plug-in hybrid powertrain makes the Sport even more appealing.



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