The introduction of the new Peugeot 408

Peugeot has been on quite a roll of late. Its latest range of cars combines some really stand-out design with cleverly packaged interior and efficient powertrains. It’s understandable why they’re proving so popular then, and why Peugeot is looking to build on this with.

Settling into the lucrative crossover segment, the 408 is due to arrive in showrooms at the start of 2023 - but what do you need to know about it? Let’s take a look.

Side view of Blue Peugeot 408


It’s hard not to notice the 408’s striking design. It does, of course, line up with some of Peugeot’s recent models, but takes things a step further in terms of looks. There’s a new ‘fang’ light setup at the front, while around the back there’s a three-lamp design that looks particularly striking.

With a 2.79m wheelbase, the 408 has quite a stretched appearance, too. You might notice that at the rear of the roof there are two little humps; Peugeot calls these ‘cat ears’ and they help to boost the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.


Peugeot interiors have been very strong lately and it looks like the one in the 408 is going to be no different. However, where this car really focuses is on space, with plenty of legroom being offered to those sitting in the rear of the car.

Peugeot has also placed a number of storage options along the centre console of the car, ensuring that it can be kept clutter-free.


Peugeot’s clever i-Cockpit system is present and correct in the new 408, with its compact steering wheel designed to give a more sporty feeling to the car. Plus, you get a 10-inch driver display behind it, which can be tweaked to show a variety of different readouts.

This is helped by a secondary 10-inch display which controls media and navigation functions. However, there’s still a handy physical rotary control for the volume, alongside smaller toggle buttons to give shortcuts to other functions.

Rear view of Peugeot 408


As with other models in its range, Peugeot has offered a good variety of engines with the 408. There’s the choice of either petrol or plug-in hybrid, with both delivering a real focus on efficiency. When it comes to the former, there’s a 1.2-litre petrol hooked up to an eight-speed automatic as standard, with no manual option available on the 408.

Then, there are two plug-in hybrids that both utilise a 1.6-litre engine with an electric motor for short periods of electric-only running. Peugeot has stated that a fully electric version will be available down the line, too.

Safety functions

Peugeot has kitted out the new 408 with a variety of safety and assistance systems designed to make driving the car even easier. For instance, semi-autonomous tech is included, alongside automatic emergency braking and parking assistance with a 360-degree camera.

Plus, there’s a night vision function that can detect animals, cyclists and pedestrians in the road.

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