If you're like most campervan owners, storage space is a premium commodity. With such limited real estate, it can be hard to keep all your belongings organized and accessible while still maintaining a sense of style and comfort in your living area.

The Volkswagen California Ocean has been designed with storage and convenience in mind, there are many different ways you can maximise storage space in your camper van, and we are going to share all of the handy tips and tricks.

Get Organised and Pack Light

We’re starting off simple! Ensuring you have a nice tidy space will not only help you achieve a calm and laidback road trip but it will make you living space feel less cluttered.

Make sure everything has a home and things are put away when not needed anymore. The Volkswagen California has been designed with multiple storage cupboards and hidden compartments to ensure that there are many places to keep your personal belongings whilst on the road in your Cali.

Following on from our last point, pack light! Many people make the mistake of bringing bulky items into their camper van when they could be using slim alternatives instead. For example, rather than buying a big cooler that takes up lots of room (and requires additional items like ice packs), consider investing in an insulated lunch bag instead. Not only do they take up much less room, but they can also keep food cold for hours at a time!

Volkswagen California Ocean Storage

Utilize Vertical Space

One of the best ways to maximize your storage space is by utilizing vertical storage solutions. The California is a very tall vehicle, with room for most people to stand up straight! This means that there is a large open area around the top of the camper. Add shelves or stackable cubes for extra items that don't need to be accessed very often.

This will also help you create more floor space for other things like chairs, tables, and beds. You can even hang a few hooks on the walls and use them for coats, bags, and towels.

Volkswagen California Ocean Storage

Use Compartments

Even though the California has lots of built in storage solutions, you can still add your own!

You can easily add extra storage yourself by attaching plastic boxes or bins to the walls or ceiling with zip ties or velcro strips. This will allow you to store small items like toiletries, snacks, tools, and other miscellaneous items without taking up too much precious real estate in your living area.

Another great tip is to place bulky items into the pop-up roof when you are stationary to free up space in the main portion of the camper. When the roof bed in not in use, this is often a wasted space, make use it by keeping your clothes or additional items up there are out of the way.

Volkswagen California Ocean Storage

Need Space for Bigger Items?

Even though the California is predominantly a camper, it shares the same platform as the popular Transporter. This means that even with the additional furniture inside it can still make for a very useable van.

There are two main options for creating space inside the Volkswagen California. The seats can either be pushed all the way forward so that there is a tall space for large items at the rear of the camper or the seats can be moved into the bed shape should you require a longer space for flatter items.

Even with the furniture inside the Volkswagen California, there is still a good amount of space for moving items making it a very practical vehicle.

Volkswagen California Ocean Storage
Volkswagen California Ocean Storage
Volkswagen California Ocean Storage
Volkswagen California Ocean Storage
Volkswagen California Ocean Storage



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