The MOT testing guide and inspection manuals were updated in February, bringing changes to MOT procedures. Make sure you stay up to date with the latest MOT guidelines by taking a look through the changes below.

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  • Mirrors
  • Item not tested
  • Seatbelts
  • Emissions
  • Decelerometer
  • Brake Testers and Headlamp Testers Calibration
  • Disciplinary Sanctions


The MOT requirement for mirrors will change under section 3: Visibility. M1 vehicles (passenger vehicles with up to 8 seats) must have 3 mirrors - one on each side of the vehicle and an interior mirror, unless the interior mirror does not provide a rear view.

Item Not Tested

If a tester selects the defect "item not tested," they must explain the reason in the additional information box. This defect should only be used if it becomes apparent during the test that the specific item cannot be tested, and this could not have been known beforehand. This applies to all classes of vehicles.


The wording for the inspection of seatbelts will be amended. Testers must check all visible parts of seatbelts, including those fitted to child seats, restraints, disabled persons' belts, and wheelchair straps.


These updates reflect changes to the MOT inspection manual and address specific areas such as mirrors, ‘items not tested’ defect, seatbelts, and emissions control equipment.

Decelerometer Calibration

From April 2023, decelerometers must be calibrated annually instead of every 2 years. Decelerometer calibration certificates issued before April 1, 2023, will be valid until they expire. After that, equipment must be calibrated annually.

Brake Testers and Headlamp Testers Calibration

Since April 1, 2023, brake testers and headlamp testers must be calibrated by:

  • The original manufacturer,
  • A company responsible for equipment support,
  • A calibration specialist.
  • Vehicle testing station (VTS) staff cannot perform calibration.

Disciplinary Sanctions

A sanction will be imposed for charging more than the maximum test fee for an MOT test.

Sanctions will be amended for missing, incomplete, or incorrect training records.

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