Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary

Many questioned how Land Rover could successfully revive a model as iconic as the Defender, but it’s safe to say that this firm has successfully managed it.

The new Defender was launched in 2020 and has become one of the British brand’s most popular cars to date. Now, to celebrate Land Rover’s 75th anniversary, there is a new special edition. Here’s what you need to know.


It harks back to the original Land Rover

In 2023 Land Rover will mark 75 years of its iconic 4x4s, with the iconic ‘Hue 166’ widely regarded as its first model all the way back in 1948.

It’s that model that Land Rover is aiming to reflect the style of with this unique special edition, offered in both 90 and 110 bodystyles, which pays tribute to this brand’s fantastic history.

Unique details

The aforementioned HUE 166 was painted in a renowned light green colour with matching wheels, which is a colour scheme replicated for this special edition.

Called Grasmere Green, it’s a colour unique and reserved for the Defender 75th Limited Edition, and is not only used for the main body finish but also for the 20-inch alloy wheels with matching centre cabs. There are unique graphics throughout too, as well as Ceres Silver bumpers.

Grasmere Green accents extend to the interior too, while the seats are finished in ‘Resist Ebony’.

Based on the high-spec Defender HSE

While the original Land Rover might have been very basic inside, this new model most certainly isn’t. In fact, it’s based on the high-spec HSE trim level, and as a result, comes with all of the firm’s latest technology.

There’s a 3D surround camera system that works on road, as well as off it, and a Meridian sound system, Matrix LED headlights and a head-up display. All of these anniversary edition models also come with an electric fabric roof, though a sliding panoramic roof is available as an option.

Choice of powertrains available

Reflecting the modern-day Defender, this new special edition is available with a choice of powertrains.

These include the latest P400e plug-in hybrid powertrain that enables around 25 miles of electric running at a time. However, a more conventional D300 diesel engine is also available, which utilises mild-hybrid technology to enhance efficiency and help to bring CO2 emissions down.


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