Pop up the roof

If the pop-up roof is in elevated then ensure that all of the vents and windows are firmly closed this makes it much harder for the heat to escape. There are vents on both sides and at the front of the pop-up roof – all should remain closed in colder temperatures. Another way you can stay warm with the roof up is by using additional coverings. You can purchase extra layers for either the inside or outside of the roof. Thermal layers can be added to the interior and canvas covers can be placed over the exterior. This is perfect for protecting the roof in poor weather conditions ensuring the heat stays inside the van.

When it’s very cold outside sometimes the best way to stay warm inside a California is to close the pop-up roof altogether when possible. Although this decreases the space you will have inside, it will be much easier to keep warm and will create a cosy environment.

Separate the spaces

By creating smaller spaces inside your California, it is much easier to retain heat. It is possible to separate the main living space inside the van from the roof compartment. Instead of having the roof in the top position you can lower this so that it is flat making the living space inside the van smaller. This will mean that there is less space to heat resulting in a warmer environment.

Get a Portable Heater

When camping in the colder months it’s more than likely that parking up on a campsite is the best option so that you can benefit from using the facilities. This means that you will be able to use an electric hookup. Make the most of this by plugging a portable heater into the sockets. This will offer a quick blast of hot air – heating up the camper in no time.

2023 Volkswagen Grand California 680 interior
Red and White Volkswagen Grand California interior

Heat Rises

Volkswagen have been very clever in the design of the California when it comes to effective heating. The heating vents are situated low to the floor so that the heat will rise and heat the full interior space. Both the California Ocean and Coast models come with full heating as standard, and it is an optional extra on the Beach, so it is incredibly easy to stay warm with this feature.

The heating systems fitted to the Volkswagen California models are effective and efficient ensuring that the interior of the camper will remain warm throughout the colder months.

Close the Window Blinds

One of the coldest points in any camper is near to the windows, this is where lots of the heat escapes as it can’t be as well insulated as other parts of the bodywork. The Volkswagen California models are fitted with additional blinds across all windows, by shutting these blinds the heat inside the camper will be retained making a more comfortable space. We know this isn’t a perfect fix as no one wants to miss out on a beautiful view when enjoying a holiday in their camper but just shutting a few of the blinds will help to keep the interior warmer.

Placing a cover over the camper’s windscreen also helps to insulate the camper keeping the space warmer. Volkswagen has also introduced double glazing across some of the windows used on the California – this makes the space much warmer and keeps the heat inside.

VW California Ocean campervan interior seats
VW California interior

Keeping Yourself Warm

In the colder months it might be best to swap those summer sheets for a thicker duvet or to sleep inside a sleeping bag. This will keep you much warmer and help you to get a good night’s rest. Mattress toppers also help to distance yourself from the colder mattress adding an extra layer of insulation.

It’s also a good idea to take it back to the basics and invest in a hot water bottle, a woolly hat, thicker socks, and base layers – these will be sure to keep you toasty! The fitted kitchenette also comes with a gas hob which is perfect to boil water to cook hot food which will help to keep you warm.

It's important to ensure you are staying safe when using your California in the colder months. The California has been built to withstand all different weather conditions these tips are here to help you stay warm and enjoy your trip no matter what the weather may bring!



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