Everyone in the UK is currently having to deal with costs that are rising across the board.

Food, energy and fuel are just some of the areas where prices continue to rise, making day-to-day expenditure even higher. Running a car is a lot of people’s key outgoing. But what can you be doing to reduce the costs associated with your car? Let’s take a look.

Make sure you’re getting the best insurance deal

Insurance is a key cost associated with running a car, which is why it’s so important that you check to see that you’re on the best possible setup when it’s time to renew. Remember, don’t let your insurance automatically roll over, as it’s possible that you’d be spending more than you’d need to be in the process.

So make sure you’re shopping around when it’s time to renew and use comparison sites to your advantage - they’ll be able to draw up the best possible results. However, some providers don’t use these, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call, either.

Think about other transport options

One of the best ways to save money on motoring - and it sounds obvious - is to simply leave the car at home. It’s worth assessing whether or not the journey you’re about to make really needs a car, or whether you could walk or take public transport.

Even cutting back on shorter car trips can have a big impact on your motoring-related outgoings.

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Make sure your car is serviced routinely

Spending money to save money may seem a little backward, but it’s the best thing to do when it comes to car maintenance. A properly serviced car will run at its most efficient level, ensuring that you’re using as little fuel as possible in the process.

Plus, if you’re getting your car routinely checked over, mechanics will be able to let you know of any larger issues before they become a bigger and more expensive problem.

Fill up at the cheapest places

Fuel is absolutely crucial. Without it, you’re not going anywhere at all. However, it’s also expensive and the price of both petrol and diesel does vary considerably between locations.

It’s why shopping around and comparing the price of fuel at stations near you can really pay off. There’s no point travelling too far for cheaper fuel, mind you, as this will wipe away those savings. However, getting the cheapest fuel nearest to you can really help.


Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated

Having under-inflated tyres can really dent your car’s fuel economy.

They’re really easy to check, too, and you’ll be able to find the correct pressures for your particular car inside the vehicle’s handbook, inside the fuel filler door or in the area inside the driver’s door.

Inflate them to the right pressures and you’ll not only be getting the best fuel economy from your car but also ensuring that its braking performance is at its best too.




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