What is the Newcastle Clean Air Zone?

The Newcastle CAZ is a designated area in the city center where the most polluting vehicles face charges for entry. Its primary goal is to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, and other harmful emissions that contribute to health problems.

Where is the Newcastle CAZ?

The Newcastle CAZ encompasses the city center around Newcastle Central Station, including the campuses of Newcastle University and Northumbria University. It extends from the south sides of Redheugh Bridge and Tyne Bridge to Dunn Street and Rye Hill in the west, and the A167 road in the east. The zone also stretches north to Stanhope Street and Queen Victoria Road.

How will the Newcastle CAZ affect you?

If your vehicle is one of the most polluting types, you'll be required to pay a daily charge of £12.50 to enter the Newcastle CAZ. These charges apply to non-compliant taxis, private hire vehicles, buses, and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). Private cars and motorbikes are exempt from these charges.

To avoid the daily fee, consider switching to a cleaner vehicle, such as an electric car, or utilize alternative transportation options like cycling, walking, or public transport.

How do you check if your vehicle is compliant?

To determine if your vehicle is compliant, you can use the government's online vehicle compliance checker. This tool will inform you if your vehicle meets the emissions standards required to enter the Newcastle Clean Air Zone. If your vehicle doesn't meet the criteria, you'll need to pay the daily fee for entry.

What are the benefits of the Newcastle Clean Air Zone?

The Newcastle CAZ brings environmental, public health, and economic benefits. By reducing air pollution, the zone enhances the quality of life for residents and attracts visitors to the city. It encourages the use of sustainable transportation modes like cycling and walking. The revenue generated from daily fees supports the development of cleaner transport systems and infrastructure.

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