There are certain car names that evoke an instant feeling among car enthusiasts. Recently, Lamborghini announced that it would be reviving one of its most famous monikers for a new model - the Countach. Expected to pack over 800bhp, it’s safe to say that the Italian supercar maker is giving this new model the tools to live up to the reputation of its predecessor.  

But it’s not the first time that a car maker has brought back some of its time-honoured model names. Here, we take a look at some of the most notable. 

Toyota Supra

Among car enthusiasts, there are few names quite as symbolic as Supra. Made famous by its involvement in the Fast and Furious franchise, the Supra’s highly tunable engine made it a big hit with go-faster drivers. The fourth-generation model - sold between 1993 and 2002 - was a particular highlight.

It came as a bit of surprise that the Supra name would be used on a car built in collaboration with BMW. Though some fans voiced their opposition to the move, the car itself turned out to be very capable indeed. 


Land Rover Defender

The Defender name has become a symbol for go-anywhere capability and robustness. First introduced all the way back in 1983, it could trace its lineage back to the original ‘Series’ car from the late 1940s. It soldiered on all the way to 2016 when it was taken off sale after having sold over two million units.

Its successor appeared on the scene in 2020. Despite having a massive weight of expectation put upon it, it has more than lived up to the challenge.  

Honda NSX

Honda’s original NSX had close ties to motorsport, with legendary F1 racer Ayrton Senna having helped with the development of the car. First released in 1990, the NSX became a supercar beloved not only because of its speed but also as a result of how easy it was to drive. 

The new version might not have established itself quite the same reputation, but it did make its mark in terms of performance. When it arrived in 2016 its petrol-electric hybrid powertrain really broke the mould while its eye-catching styling was particularly futuristic.


Ford Puma

The original Ford Puma was a real hit with enthusiasts. It was a small, agile and good-looking sports car - which is probably why ‘petrolheads’ were left aghast when its name was later used on a supermini-based crossover. 

However, Ford is unlikely to be worried by a few disgruntled fans. The Puma has gone on to become a real big-hitter in terms of sales, regularly topping the charts of most-bought cars each month. It’s even been out-performing the ever-popular Fiesta recently, too. 

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