Choose the Perfect Car for your Family

There are plenty of things to think about when buying a new family car, from size to safety, and budgets to booster seats. However, this guide breaks down the key criteria for finding your perfect family car plus some of the best models on the market right now.

When buying the perfect car for your family you should consider:

1.      Safety features

2.      Entertainment

3.      Your family’s needs

4.      Your budget

5.      Reliability of the car


Safety Features

Family matters more than anything so keeping them safe in the car is the priority. Each car has a Euro NCAP safety score which offers an overview of the car’s safety features, research this online to get a good idea of how safe a car is. Additionally, it is important to check front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control.


No one wants to be hearing ‘are we nearly there yet?’ every five minutes on a road trip. Finding entertainment for the kids on these trips is vital to make car journeys enjoyable and safe. Look for cars with advanced infotainment systems so that boredom is kept at bay. If you’re struggling to entertain the kids on long road trips, check out Swansway’s free activity packs.

Your Family’s Needs

Bigger families need more space, and maybe more seats. Consider 7 seaters if you often need more than 4 passengers in the car. Additionally, if you’re travelling make sure to investigate storage space so that there is room for all your belongings. If you’re into outdoor adventures, for example, can you fit a roof box onto your car? Make sure whatever your family loves doing is made possible by your car.

Functionality is a major factor here, if you’re a tall family you’ll need plenty of head and legroom. Additionally, consider design features which make your life easier, things like automatic doors and rearview cameras.

Family Car
Family Car

Your Budget

It’s not just the initial price of the car you should be thinking about, running costs need to be considered to. The school run, and taxi-ing kids to and from out-of-school activities quickly adds up so make sure you have a car you can afford to run.


Do research on how reliable the car is, ther eis nothing worse than being without your car, especially when it is the transport for the whole family. Make sure to test drive any car you’re thinking of buying, look and listen for any faults. For top tips for test driving a car check out this blog.

If your car is constantly being fixed, not only will this have practical consequences, but it will quickly become expensive.

Which Family Cars do we Recommend?


The SEAT Leon was crowned the best family car of 2021, and it's easy to see why. With an outstanding safety record, scoring 88% for child occupant protection and 92% for adult occupant protection from Euro NCAP, you can trust that your loved ones are in good hands.

But it's not just safety that sets the SEAT Leon apart. This car is designed with the whole family in mind. It boasts spacious footwells and ample headroom in the rear, making it perfect for both adults and kids. Plus, you'll find ISOFIX seating available on the passenger and rear seats, ensuring the little ones are securely strapped in.

Technology enthusiasts will also appreciate the standard features of the SEAT Leon. With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay included across the range, you can seamlessly connect your smartphone and enjoy all your favorite apps and music on the go.

Front view of black Seat Leon parked at Nantwich Football Club
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If you're looking for a family car that stands out from the crowd, the PEUGEOT 408 is a must-see. This sleek and stylish vehicle blends the functionalities of a fastback and a coupe-SUV, adding a unique touch to the French brand's range. Despite its head-turning design, the PEUGEOT 408 offers much more than meets the eye.

Under the bonnet, you'll find a non-hybrid turbocharged petrol engine that offers excellent value for money compared to the plug-in hybrid models. While the plug-in versions impress with their electric power and range of up to 40 miles, the non-hybrid engine provides a cost-effective option that doesn't compromise on performance.

Step inside the Peugeot 408 and prepare to be impressed. The interior exudes elegance and offers surprising spaciousness. With ample screens and a generous 536-litre boot capacity, you'll have all the room you need for passengers and cargo. There are plenty of family friendly features and we are sure the impressive octagonal steering wheel, which wouldn’t look out of place on a spaceship, will be a hit with the kids!

Volkswagen Multivan

When it comes to family vehicles, the Volkswagen Multivan reigns supreme in terms of flexibility. This van-based MPV provides unparalleled interior space that can be configured in multiple ways to suit your needs. The Multivan is available with upto seven seats which can slide on rails. There are also fold-out tables and the ability to remove seats creating endless possibilities for customization.

While the size of the Volkswagen Multivan can be intimidating in busy traffic or crowded parking lots, the convenient side sliding doors ensure that your children's exuberance doesn't result in dings on other cars.

volkswagen multivan parked
Dew Silver Audi Q3 Sportback

Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 is the ultimate crossover SUV for families on the move. Based on the popular A3 hatchback, this compact vehicle offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. With a range of powerful engines to choose from, including an impressive plug-in hybrid, you'll have plenty of options to suit your driving preferences.

Despite its chunky appearance, the Audi Q3 is no larger than its competitors in the segment, making maneuvering through busy streets a breeze. And with three ISOFIX mounting points and ample storage throughout the car, you can rest assured that your family and all their belongings will be well taken care of. For those seeking a little more adventure, four wheel drive versions are also available, perfect for off-road excursions and sports clubs.

Buying a family car can be a daunting process, but it doesn't have to be. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can easily navigate the car buying process and purchase the perfect vehicle for your family. Always consider your family's needs, prioritize safety features, and stay within budget when choosing a car. Additionally, research car recommendations and functionalities that will make your daily car use much more comfortable. By doing so, you can ensure that your family can travel safely, comfortably, and in style every time you hit the road.



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