The RS4 and RS5 Sportback are two of Audi’s core performance models. These are sleek and fast sports models capable of reaching huge speeds in next to no time, but handily, they’re also comfortable and refined when you just want to cruise, too.

Audi has recently given them both a new Competition variant bringing, and as you might expect, additional pace and some clever tweaks here and there. Let’s see what has changed.


One of the most prominent areas where you’ll find the Competition differs from the standard RS4 and RS5 is the suspension. It’s been heftily revised with a new RS Sport Suspension Pro setup, which brings a 10mm drop in ride height over the regular car. It can also be dropped a further 10mm when manually adjusted, too.

Audi has also increased the car’s spring rate while adding three-way adjustable dampers and stiffer anti-roll bars that help these cars to corner even more keenly than before.


Though the 444bhp that you get from the 2.9-litre V6 in both of these cars remains unchanged, the transmission control unit has been altered in order to deliver sharper, faster shifts. As a result, the RS ’s 0-60mph time drops by 0.2 seconds to 3.7 seconds while flat-out it’ll manage 180mph. The RS 5 will manage the same sprint in 3.6 seconds, too.

As before, you can leave the transmission in fully automatic mode or change gears manually by using the shift paddles mounted behind the steering wheel.

Grey Audi RS4 Avant parked


The standard RS 4 and RS 5 were hardly shy and retiring in the exhaust note department as they were, but things have been kicked up a notch for the Competition through the fitment of an RS Sports Exhaust System Plus.

It adds matte black tailpipes and a new, more noticeable ‘sound pattern’, according to Audi which should help to make both of these cars even more exciting to hear.

Tyres and brakes

All RS 5 and RS 4 Avant Performance models get upgraded brakes included as standard, too, with Audi’s RS ceramic brake package providing a huge amount of braking performance. It also helps when you’re really pushing them to the limit, such as when on a track day.

Plus, grippy Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres come fitted as standard as well and help to transform both cars in the bends.

Audi RS5 Coupe parked in front of a building


It might sound strange to make a car seem louder from the inside, but that’s just what has happened with the RS 4 and RS 5 Competition. Audi has stripped some of the insulation from the engine compartment and interior, meaning that more of the engine noise is transferred through to the cabin.

Plus, the removal of that sound deadening results in an eight-kilogram weight saving too.

Side view of RS4 Avant with Competition package



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