As December gets closer and the temperatures begin to plummet, it’s more than likely that you have woken up to a frozen car and a frosty windscreen more than once this week. In this blog post, we'll provide you with some tips on defrosting your car windscreen quickly and safely without harming the vehicle or causing any damage.


Turn the Heating on High!

One of the most popular and efficient ways to defrost your car quickly is by using your heater at its highest setting, keeping the air conditioning on, turning off recirculation, and slightly opening your window. This method works because frost and fog are caused by condensation, so it is crucial to keep the air inside your car as dry as possible for a speedy defrost.

In most vehicles, the defrost button is represented by a window symbol with three slightly curved arrows pointing upwards. If your vehicle has both front and rear defrosters, the front windshield defroster button will resemble a curved window symbol, while the back window defroster button will look like a rectangular window symbol.

De-icer Spray

De-icer sprays are designed to melt snow and ice quickly, and they're effective in clearing your windscreen. De-icer sprays work by penetrating the ice crystals and breaking them apart, allowing you to scrape them off quickly. Before you start spraying, be sure to read the instructions on the can and follow them carefully.

There are also lots of deicing sprays on the market that can be used the night before. Before going to bed, cover your windscreen and windows in the de-icer spray so that when you wake up in the morning your car has avoided the freeze and you’re ready to go!

What if I’ve ran out of De-Icer?

If you’ve been caught short and don’t have any de-icer on hand, an alternative you might not be expecting is pickle juice! This pickle juice may not be something you would usually associate with defrosting your car, but it can work wonders. Pickle juice contains vinegar, which is known for its ice-melting properties. Pour pickle brine on the windscreen and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off. Your windscreen should then clear up. Bear in mind, you will need to wipe clean your windscreen after using pickle juice to prevent residue.

Frozen Cars
Ice Car Windscreen Cover

Cover the Windscreen

Prevent the ice from building up in the first place by using a windscreen cover. Simply place the cover over your windshield and let the frost build up on it instead. When you remove the cover on a chilly winter morning, your windscreen will be frost-free and ready to go.

You have the option to buy a cover from various retailers or create your own using things around the house like a thick cardboard box or an old bed sheet or towel.

To save time and stay warm, we recommend putting on the windscreen cover in the evening before temperatures drop. Say goodbye to icy windshields and hello to a convenient solution for frost prevention.

Can I Use Water on my Windscreen?

We strongly advise against pouring hot water over a frozen windscreen. At the time it may feel like a quick solution however pouring hot water over your windscreen is not the answer to getting on the road quicker! It can cause damage to the glass as the sudden exposure to high temperature causes the glass to expand too quickly.

We also highly advised against pouring hot water over areas with small chips or cracks in the windscreen, as the water can seep into the cracks, expand and shatter the glass, causing you a costly expense and potential injury.

Instead, using a sandwich bag full of warm water is a hack that has proven to be quite effective. Simply fill the sandwich bag with warm water and apply it onto your windscreen. The water will melt the ice and leave you with a clear view. Make sure to use a sandwich bag instead of a regular plastic bag as its less likely to break.

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Ensure your windscreen is clear before setting off

We know it can be tempting to quickly scrape away a bit of frost and get moving in the morning, however not effectively defrosting your windscreen so that you have clear visibility can land you with a fine of £60 and 3 points on your licence!

Not only can it lead to poor visibility and dangerous driving conditions, but it also puts other road users at risk.

With these tips, you'll be able to defrost your car easily and safely all winter long. Stay safe and stay warm!



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