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Air Conditioning

Keep your car fresh as a daisy with our air conditioning service

Air conditioning systems can lose up to 10% of its gas each year, becoming less efficient over time and allowing bacteria to grow.

The air conditioning system isn’t just great for keeping you cool in the summer months, it’s also useful when you need to demist your windscreen as it creates dry warm air, which clears your windscreen much quicker than regular air.

Why have your car air con serviced?

Keeps fuel costs down - Efficient air conditioning systems use less fuel to run

No unpleasant odours - Prevent the build-up of odours with regular servicing

Demist & go - Quicker demisting of your windscreen

Improved health - Reduces the gradual build-up of harmful bacteria and contaminants that could cause health problems

What happens in an aircon check?

Our Technicians are fully trained to service and maintain your vehicles air conditioning system using the very latest air conditioning equipment and technology:

  • Ultra violet dye and air conditioning oil added to system to maintain operating efficiency
  • Re-gas system to its required level
  • De-gas and vacuum air conditioning system
  • Pressure test system for leaks
  • Ultrasonic anti-bacterial and odour treatment
  • Final system checks

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