Swansway Motor Group has been supporting Congleton based charitable organisation, Circus Starr since January 2016.

Founded in 1987, this unique organisation has now given over one million underprivileged children, and children with disabilities, the chance to run away to the circus and forget their troubles for a day.

Swansway Motor Group director, David Smyth, explained, “For each car we sell on the Motability scheme we give £20 to Circus Starr; that’s the cost of one child and their parent or carer going to a Circus Starr performance; but, for the children who attend, this is so much more than just a trip to the circus”.

The third quarter of 2018 saw Swansway donate a further £3,300 donation to Circus Starr. Delighted fundraising Manager, Simone Unett explained, “We’re just so thrilled, another donation which means Circus Starr has now received £35,869, from Swansway; thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Circus Starr makes a real difference to the lives of the families who attend the performances as Marina explains, “My daughter Amelia is three and a half. She has a rare form of epilepsy and a hole in her heart which means she stops breathing up to 15 times a day. This means I can’t even put the bins out or go to the toilet on my own as I am always scared Amelia may stop breathing and I won’t be there to help her.”

“With two other children, it’s really difficult on them as they miss out on a lot of family time. Our last day out before Circus Starr didn’t even last an hour because of Amelia’s poor health.”


Marina added, “Amelia is also very scared of busy environments and noise; she gets really upset and overwhelmed in busy public places, but she never gets scared at Circus Starr. Amelia leaves the shows so happy.”

“My two older children really enjoy it too because the show has something for everyone. We never feel judged, even though it looks like we’re moving house with the number of things we need for Amelia when we go out. We don’t get any respite and sometimes feel so cut off from the world, so we all really enjoy and love our time at the Circus,” said Marina.

Simone added, “For kids and their parents, visiting a Circus Starr performance can be life changing, allowing the whole family to experience something together, with no worries as to whether their disabilities will cause a problem; where young carers, can let go of their responsibilities and just be kids again”.

David Smyth continued, “I’m a dad of three kids and what Circus Starr does is very humbling, if Swansway can help in just some small way then we’re delighted to do so”.



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