Motoring journalist, John Swift takes a look the cars due to be seen in our dealerships for the first time this Autumn.

Launch dates are subject to change and out of our hands, so if the manufacturer has to alter the timetable they may appear a little later.

Audi A6

Audi says the all-new A6 is a huge step forwards in every way from the car it replaces and now puts a clear gap between the A6 and its main rivals, the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E Class.

You can see at a glance how much sleeker the new A6 is, the sophisticated chassis has a good ride/handling package with the options of adaptive damping and four wheel steering available, the interior architecture is clean and modern, the cockpit is digitally based with more on-the-move connectivity and under the bonnet are mild hybrid engines which are right in tune with market trends.

The Audi A6 Avant estate derivative will join the range and more engines will be added later this year and into next.

Red AUdi A6 parked two thirds side on

Explore the Audi A6

Citroën Berlingo

This is the third generation of Citroen's van-based MPV and it gets a new SUV-like look, new suspension at the front and a lot more driver assistance systems.

New Berlingo makes driving simpler and safer with up to 19 driver aids and four connectivity technologies, and more user-friendly with three independent folding rear seats and a folding front passenger seat. For the first time it will be available in two sizes, M (5-seats) and XL (7-seats) and the new EAT8 auto gearbox makes its introduction to the range as well.
White Citroen Berlingo driving seen side on

Explore the Citroën Berlingo

Jeep Renegade

Improved from front to back, the refreshed Jeep Renegade has new engines including a 1.0 litre unit, more safety features and technology, a revised interior with more storage and perhaps best of all a price list for the SUV which starts at less than £20,000.

Of course, it retains the Jeep trademark seven-barred radiator grille, but the visual changes to the styling are enough to distinguish it from the older versions. New LED headlights and new wheel designs stand out but the biggest changes are reserved for the interior and engine bay.

Inside, it has a more modern look, Jeep makes more use of colour combinations and the Renegade now has more storage space. Depending on which trim version you pick, the little SUV can be equipped with a 5-inch or 8.4-inch NAV, which include touchscreens and easy-to-use features so the driver can the climate and sound system faster and more readily.

Blue Jeep Renegade parked with sculptural building behind it

Range Rover SV coupé

Hand built and in strictly limited numbers, the SV coupe is the Range Rover to rival the Bentley Bentayga, forthcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan and even the sports-oriented Lamborghini Urus. The three door is powered by a 5.0 litre supercharged V8, sits slightly lower – 8mm – than the standard version and only two panels, the bonnet and lower part of the tailgate, are common to both cars.

Because it is such a bespoke car, Land Rover will invite selected customers to order one of the £240,000 SV Coupes, but if there are any left unsold we’ll keep you posted.

White Range Rover SV coupe at a motor show seen side onExplore the world of Land Rover

Peugeot 508

This will be one of the more significant cars due out in September because Peugeot has given the all-new 508 saloon a racy, fastback look in the hope that it will start to tempt drivers out of the `everyone-has-one’ SUVs and back into saloons.

It certainly looks the part; it drives beautifully and comes with all the driver aids, cabin sophistication and engine choice you would expect of a car poised to compete with the likes of the Audi A4 or VW Passat. Initially the 508 will be sold with petrol or diesel engines, but it has been designed from the outset to take a hybrid and the unit used in the 5008 SUV will join the model line-up, probably in the second half of 2019, so it’s about a year away yet.

Prices for the saloon will start at around £25,000 and waiting in the wings is the 508 SW, an estate version.

Red Peugeot 508 with dramatic backdropExplore the Peugeot 508

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