That’s exactly what we’re going to get into in this Sell 2 Swansway blog post, including how you sell your non-running car, assess its value, and the various selling options available to you. 

What is a ‘non-runner’ car?

In the car world, a ‘non-runner’ is a car that won’t move under its power, or one that can’t be started at all. This can come from a variety of issues such as a seized engine, electrical faults, and more.

Can I sell my non-running car?

Luckily, between dealerships, private sellers, and scrappers, there are plenty of ways to sell a non-running car. But how can you find out the value so you get the best price?

How do I find out the value of my non-running car?

Before deciding how to sell your non-running car, you should take a look at some simple factors that determine its value. This will ensure that you get a fair and accurate price.

  • Age - Newer cars, even non-runners, tend to command higher prices
  • Make and model - High-performance, fuel-efficient, and luxury cars typically enjoy higher values
  • Mileage - Cars with lower mileage, even if a little older, can fetch a good price
  • Location - Your car’s location can affect its value. Population-dense cities like London offer a larger pool of potential buyers compared to smaller rural areas with fewer buyers.
  • Condition - If your non-runner just needs a new battery, then it might sell a little easier than if it needs an entire engine replaced.
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Where can I sell my non-running car?

Now we know the things that affect your non-runner’s value, let’s see who will buy it from you.

Selling your non-runner to a dealership

If your non-running car is relatively new and fixable, it’s likely that a dealership will take it on as they sometimes have mechanics on staff who can not only assess its worth, but also make the repairs for resale.

Selling privately

Selling your non-runner privately can be somewhat more challenging, because most drivers are looking for something they can take to the road more or less immediately. If you’re selling a non-runner, be transparent in your listing and prepare to transport it where it needs to go, as buyers can be hesitant to deal with non-running cars.

Selling at auction

Consider selling your non-runner at a salvage auction instead of a traditional car auction, as it might attract a healthy price. Just be aware that there are seller’s fees, and you will likely need to arrange transportation to the auction house.

Selling/scrap for parts

If you can’t find a buyer that will take the entire car, there’s always the option to sell or scrap the parts. Get the condition and value of the individual sellable parts evaluated and offer them online or to local mechanics, scrap yards, or collectors. Parts you can sell/scrap include:

  • Engine
  • Body parts
  • Catalytic converter
  • Exhaust system
  • Wheels
  • Interior parts

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Selling a non-running car may seem challenging, but as you can see, there are plenty of options available for you. Whether you choose to sell to a dealership, privately, at an auction, or online, you will likely be able to sell your car - with some patience.

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